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Some Great Slimming World Breakfasts

One of the trickiest meals of the day when you are following Slimming World, is breakfast. You do need to be prepared as this is one of the keys to succeeding and reaching your target so I have asked some of my fellow bloggers to share some of their favourite Slimming World Breakfasts and you can find their recipes below – along with some of my favourites.

A whole host of Slimming World Breakfast ideas


My love for Slimming World pancakes is well known in this house and whether you prefer oat or Ready Brek pancakes and use of your healthy extra B or a quick and easy low-syn version then you have plenty of food options here.

Ready Brek Pancakes

Fran at Whinge Whinge Wine shares her kid-friendly recipe for wheat free, Slimming World Syn free, diet friendly and really yummy Ready Brek oat pancakes which are really simple to make and need only three ingredients.

American Pancakes

I am definitely with The Basement Bakehouse. I love American Pancakes! They are definitely a favourite in this family. They are sweet, fluffy and delicious as well as being simple to make and perfect paired with fruit, syrup or even chocolate if you can spare the syns.

Several Ways with Oats

Easy Healthy Apple & Oat Pancakes

These delicious apple & oat pancakes from Gourmet Mum are really easy to make and healthy too. Whip them up for breakfast in no time! Oats release their energy slowly so they’re always good in the mornings – especially with some fresh fruit – and they are counted as your HEB.

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats has long been one of my favourites now – and items it is the same for Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family, Jen at Just Average Jen as well as Lucy from Super Golden Bakes. Not only is it filling and tasty, making it the night before means it is a quick fix in the morning when you are rushing around. As well as the Slimming World version, Cass has a slightly different one for people who want something off plan.

Passion fruit & mango overnight oats

I am just the same as Pip at The Slimming Foodie. I always think I must remember to do overnight oats more often when I eat them the next day! I love the sound of this recipe for Passion Fruit & Mango overnight oats and really must try it!

Overnight Oat Cinnamon Waffles

These Slimming World Waffles are one of our absolute favourites. Use a silicon mould to give them their shape, bake them until golden and then I dip them into a Mueller Light flavoured yoghurt as an extra treat without all the extra syns!

Baked Oats

Baked Oats is another great breakfast – and extremely filling. Lucy at Super Golden Bakes shows you how to do the basics and has some really good ideas for toppings and additions.

Breakfast Bars

Healthy No Bake Cranberry & Chocolate Breakfast Bars

These Healthy No Bake Cranberry & Chocolate Breakfast Bars from The Basement Bakehouse are a healthy and super nutritious choice in their own right, but they’re also ideal if you’re following Slimming World. Each bar counts as half of your Healthy Extra B choice for the day plus 2.5 syns. This means you could have up to two per day and use just five syns in total, in the knowledge that you’re enjoying something that has real nutritional value from the oats, banana, cranberries and even the chocolate! Much cheaper than a pack of HiFi bars.


Please note that Smoothies are synned on Slimming World so please check their website or app for syn values.


Whilst I am aware that you need to syn smoothies (please check via the Slimming World website or app), they also have great health benefits. This bright, spiced, and filling pumpkin smoothie from Over the Spoon is the perfect start for this and is a great source of Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin A & C as well as being high in fiber to support digestion and potassium and anti-oxidants to support a healthy heart.

Vegan Berry Smoothie

For this recipe, Melissa Traub used a cashew yogurt alternative. Unlike dairy yogurt or coconut-based yogurt in which most of the fat is saturated, the main type of fat in cashews is monounsaturated (source: USDA FoodData Central). That makes this a heart healthy choice.

VEGAN Raspberry Cashew Smoothie

If you are following Veganuary then this is another great vegan smoothie. This time, Choclette from Tin and Thyme gives you a zingy sweet and floral breakfast smoothie to help wake you up in the morning and it is packed full of nutrients. Again, please check on the syn value.


Breakfast Egg Muffins

This easy recipe for breakfast egg muffins from Meal Planning Made Easy is perfect if you want to make an easy nutritious breakfast for the family that they can grab and go. They’re perfect for anyone wanting a Slimming World friendly breakfast but just as lovely for everyone else. Keep them syn-free or add cheese for one of your HEAs.

Healthy apple and raspberry muffins

These apple and raspberry breakfast muffins from Nicola at Real Girls Wobble are light, fluffy and ideal for keeping mid-morning hunger pangs at bay. They are also a healthy alternative to calorific cakes. They work out at 3.5 syns each if you use the ingredients to make 12.


Bacon, Egg & Mushroom breakfast cups

I love the look of these Breakfast cups from Easy Peesy Lemon Squeezy. They are so easy to make and look like taste delicious too!

Spinach Quiche Recipe

I absolutely love the look of this Spinach Quiche from Alina and Dmitry at Cooking Journey. They use sweet potato for the crust which I really must try! This is a tasty and simple dish for breakfast or brunch.

Slimming World Potato Hash

I really love the look of this syn free Potato Hash from Becky at Eat Simply. It is easy to make, perfect on a cold day, filling – and completely on the Slimming World plan.

Something a Bit Different


This tasty Pea Guacamole & Egg Tostada is a great twist on avocado toast. Jo at The Family Food Kitchen says it is just 5 ingredients and ready in minutes. Please bear in mind that avocado has quite a big syn value and the tostada may either have a syn value or be counted at a HEB. Please check on the Slimming World website or app.

Saffron Tapioca Pudding

Saffron Tapioca Pudding shared by Mayuris Jikoni is a sweet dish prepared by cooking soaked tapioca pearls or sabudana in milk till it becomes thick. The pudding can be enjoyed hot or cold. A great alternative breakfast option and fairly low in syns.

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