9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Cabinets

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One of the essential parts of the home is your kitchen, and if you are thinking about remodeling, you definitely don’t want to miss this part out. However, some may think that the idea of kitchen remodels, especially one that involves the cabinetry, requires a lot of hassle for their part, not to mention a large amount of money they have to pay.

You don’t have to think about it, though, because there are many more innovative ways in which you can redo your cabinets to get a new and fresh look without having to compromise their functionality – the budget-friendly and easy way.

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There is no doubt that constructing kitchen cabinets can add up to your costs and sometimes exceed your budget. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be that expensive because now, you can have various other options to save your money. One option is to purchase quality wholesale cabinets. Another good thing is that you can already purchase them online.

You can also prefer to remodel your cabinets if the shape is not yet that bad or still serve its function well. Listed here are nine ways to improve the cupboards that contribute to your kitchen’s aesthetics and boost its features and functions.

1.      Repaint the Cabinets

Whether it’s a builder-grade or made from solid wood, you would not even know the difference once you paint your cabinets. Painting is probably one of the most convenient and transformative ways you can do to improve your kitchen cabinets. Besides, it is also very cost-efficient.

This is the moment to remember not to underestimate the power of paint!

2.      Replace or Remove the Doors

Your cabinets might have the traditional solid door type that usually conceals the bowls, cups, and other wares inside them. To have a more modern look, you can upgrade it by replacing the doors with glass fronts for more sophistication.

One pro tip is you can remove your upper cabinets’ doors to create instant open shelving where you can arrange them creatively and display your favorite kitchen wares decoratively.

3.      Redesign the Interior

You can put a bit of sparkle to the dull interior of your kitchen cabinets by painting or by using removable wallpapers instead. The beautiful patterns it provides are just the perfect ingredient to bring out the whole kitchen’s aesthetic value.

Believe it or not, removable wallpapers can also boost the design of other kitchen items, not just your cabinets’ interior. You can stick them to drawer sides, canisters, even appliances like the mixer or serving tray.

4.      Reface Old Cabinets

Contrary to what most people might have been thinking, refacing cabinets is actually a quick and easy job you can do yourself. Just remember to be careful when putting the veneers or beadboards. Usually, wood veneers are used to cover the face frame of the old cabinet. With only a few adjustments, your kitchen cabinets will look good as new in no time.

5.      Style With Crown Molding

Adding crown molding along the top of your kitchen cabinets can increase its height, elegance, and presence. This style is one of the most productive ways you can do to upgrade your kitchen’s beauty and make it more interesting.

Aside from beautification, it also serves to cover unnecessary gaps created between your upper cabinets and the ceiling.

6.      Change Cabinet Hardware with New Ones

Aside from the doors, you can also opt to change the pulls and handles of your cabinets. You can even go with your old knobs and redesign them using materials available in the house and style them the way you like it.

Knobs might just be a small thing, but you’ll never know how much influence they can make to bring out the best of your kitchen cabinets.

7.      Get Creative with the Backsplash

The backsplash functions as wall protection from unintended water splashes and is typically a vertical surface extension of the kitchen countertop. To add a little bit of highlight, you can be creative with your backsplash, or if you prefer, you can choose a nice, crisp, and clean white accent.

Some homeowners tend to have a painted wall as their backsplash, but it is best if it is made out of tiles.

8.      Organize your Drawers with Dividers

One way to improve the functionality of your kitchen is to also look inside the drawers. It doesn’t help anyone if the content of your drawers is messy and unorganized. Using drawer dividers, you can easily arrange your kitchen tools in a more efficient and effective way. You can use the plastic ones, but modern dividers now come in nice wood finishes.

9.      Use a Hanging Storage

Hanging storage can maximize your storage needs without having to add any more cabinets. You can simply install the rods in front of cabinet doors and have your kitchen equipment easy to reach.


Remodeling your kitchen cabinets doesn’t mean you have to pay too much. You can find easy and budget-friendly ways, like the tips mentioned above, to restore the beauty of your kitchen like the first time you had it constructed.

The next time your neighbors visit your kitchen, they’ll be surprised to see seemingly new kitchen cabinets. Little did they know that they’re just your old cabinets – only a lot better.

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