18 of the Best Paired Fonts for Pinterest

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Over this past year, I have become a much bigger user of Pinterest. In fact, I would go as far to say that I love it. One of the things I really love is designing different pins and it has been tricky to get to grips with which paired fonts to use for any wording.

Thanks to Jen Stanbrook, I have a far better understanding of Pinterest and how it works, as well as what makes a great pin. What she doesn’t know about Pinterest isn’t worth knowing and she is a great teacher of the platform. She really helped me make in-roads into my blog traffic as a result.

One of the things she does share ideas on is Pin designs. It is important to make them as eye-catching as possible to draw the visitor over to your site. One of the top aspects of that pin needs to be the use of different font styles which are aesthetically pleasing to anyone who see them. You want fonts that draw the user in and want to visit your site.

The first thing to do is find yourself a great Font site and select from the many different styles. One of the most popular is the handwriting font – of which, there are many great options. Fontbundles is the perfect place to find much of what you are looking for.

Below, I am sharing with you 18 of my favourite font pairings. These include handwritten styles, Serif and Sans Serif, Modern, Bold, Vintage and Elegant. I think you will find something that suits your Pin Pairings.

Playfair Display and Source Sans Pro

Playfair Display is a dedicated display typeface and shows off high-contrast with a bit of old-fashioned charm. Source Sans Pro is sans-serif, more modern in it’s design. They pair really well together and the lesser of the two, Source Sans Pro, ensures that Playfair Display really stands out.

Benedict and League Spartan

Benedict is neat and comes in a handwritten style which has added elegance. Because it also has a hand brushed effect, it is perfect for all hand lettering typographic designs. It matches well with League Spartan, which is a bold, modern, geometric sans-serif font that really packs a punch.

Sacremento and League Gothic

Sacremento is a semi-connected script font which is inspired by brochure work from the 1950’s and 1960’s. It sits well between formal and casual styles and has an eye-catching presence for titles. It couples well with League Gothic, a condensed sans-serif typeface.

Allura and Cooper Hewitt

Allura is the script format of the Allura Pro family. It is stylised, yet very legible. It sits well with Cooper Hewitt, a contemporary sans serif, with characters composed of modified-geometric curves and arches.

Playlist Script and Raleway Heavy

Playlist is a perfectly imperfect handdrawn font with dry brush styles. You can choose from 3 styles: Script, Caps, and Ornament. It suits both a personal and commercial use and looks stylish on any pin. Combine it with Raleway Heavy for a great contrast.

Sifonn and Josefin Sans

Sifonn Font Family is a great sans serif typeface with an eye-catching layout. Combine it with Josefin Sans, a geometric, elegant, typeface for a really professional look.

Parisienne and voga

Parisienne is a casual, connecting script. Would you believe that it is inspired by a 1960s Bra advertisement! It is great for a wide variety of use. It couples extremely well with Voga, a condensed modern Didone typeface with three weights; Regular, medium and bold. Together they have an element of a French appeal to me.

Roboto and Montserrat

These two fonts are very simple and present a clean and modern pairing. They are both sans-serif typefaces and, whilst Roboto combines geometric forms with friendly, open curves, Montserrat has various options with its type-face weight, giving you plenty of options to play around with.

Clicker Script and raleway heavy

Clicker Script is an elegant and slightly bouncy script which almost shouts off the page at you! It finds its inspiration from RCA Records from the 1960’s. It is better to combine it with the elegant sans-serif font, Raleway Heavy, for greater impact.

Lobster and Bebas Neue

Lobster is a lovely Bold Condensed Script fully loaded and really jumps out at you from the page. Couple it with Bebas Neue, a sans serif font family typeface which has grown in popularity.

Josefin Sans and Sunday

Josefin Sans, a geometric, elegant, typeface looks perfect with the more ‘scribbly’ Sunday font for a really contrasting look.

Lato and Merriweather

Lato is a sans serif typeface family started in the summer of 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic. It looks just right with Merriweather, low-contrast semi-condensed sans-serif text

Nunito and Lora

Nunito is a well balanced sans serif typeface and it couples well with Lora, a well-balanced contemporary serif with roots in calligraphy memorable because of its curves.

Julius Sans One and Archivo Narrow

Julius Sans One font is sans serif font which is designed by Luciano Vergara and looks great with Archivo Narrow, designed to be used simultaneously in print and digital platforms.

League Gothic and Roboto Condensed

League Gothic, a condensed sans-serif typeface marries well with the lines and mechanical skeleton of Roboto Condensed.

Brusher and Ultra

Brusher font has been crafted with precise strokes and smooth lines. It gives the text a naturally hand drawn look and coupled with Ultra, a bold slab typeface, it really stands out and gives a great contrast in styles.

Code and Cooper Hewitt

Code is a font which is clean, elegant and straight-to-the-point. It pairs up nicely with Cooper Hewitt, a contemporary sans serif.

Sacramento and cabin sketch

Already mentioned earlier, Sacremento is a semi-connected script font with great curves! It looks great with Cabin Sketch, which has elements of a teenage doodle.

So, there you have it. A collection of fantastic font, all of which will give any pin an eye-catching look and are sure to encourage more people to re-pin and encourage a few more visits to your website or blog.

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