Suitable Fabrics in Your Home

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Determining the most preferable fabric for your home, you need to consider some important factors. These factors may depend on the design you wanted, and the style of your home. These factors are critical for you overall home décor because it will affect the mood of your home as one. Below are some factors to consider in choosing the best suitable fabrics for your home.

Light colour fabrics

This type of fabric will somehow give you a sense of spaciousness and bring a lot of light in your living spaces. On the other hand, dark colours will give highlights and prominence to your sofa or any chairs around your living spaces.

Smooth and patterned upholstery fabrics

This type of fabrics when in used on your sofa or chairs will bring most of the attention to it than any other furniture in your living room. This makes them stand out from all the rest in just one look.

Washable and easy maintenance fabrics

There are many varieties of available upholstery fabrics out in the market which carries special enhancements that cleaning it will be much easier. There are also scratch proof fabrics for your pets and even fireproof fabrics.

Hand-made fabrics

There are different styles of this type to choose from for your chairs and sofa upholstery. These fabrics tend to imitate the looks of knitted and multi-coloured patterns yet preserving the traditional look of the furniture. You can choose some British styles that have woven lines to give it a cosier feel.

Loose-weave fabrics

This is for your curtains. This type of fabric will maximize the lighting in your living spaces. Loose-weave and gauzy fabrics with a lot of drape are highly recommended for your curtains especially the light coloured ones. There are also transparent fabrics of this type, and surely it will give your living spaces a more spacious feel to it.

Your choice of curtain material is as important as your upholstery materials. Combining the two on your home décor will give you a perfect finishing touch to your style.

The fabrics stated above are examples of the two types of fabrics namely Natural and Synthetic.

Cotton, wool, silk, linen and leather are generic examples of natural fabrics. They are considered to be durable even in the long term usage. However, they are still less resistant to dirt and wrinkle as they age.

Synthetic fabrics are those called man-made or hand-made. Such fabrics include acrylic, microfiber, vinyl, rayon and polyester. They are more durable, affordable and resistant than natural fabrics.

Of all the fabrics stated above, the ultimate fabric for your home décor is Velvet Fabrics; the polyester type. We couldn’t stress out enough the highly regarded characteristics of the material. Velvet fabrics will surely elevate your home décor to the highest level. This type of material shall give you the most comfort ability and more luxurious look to your overall décor which includes your upholstery needs, floors, curtains even on your bedroom headboards. The best part is velvet fabric is very universal. Though velvet also fades when it ages, the fading will give you a lot of colour variation which for looks amazing for most users.

Generally, fabrics and upholstery depends on your style or wanted designs. Many different fabrics to choose from but they are always unique and beautiful in anyway.

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