The Conception Diaries – 33 Weeks Pregnant

The Conception Diaries – 33 Weeks Pregnant

Following my series on YouTube, The Conception Diaries and our attempts to get pregnant, our IVF baby is due in July 2017. My last update was at 32 weeks pregnant when I wrote about our 32 week scan, dealing with the heat and drinking alcohol-free gin

I am now 33 weeks pregnant. As I type this, I have just 43 days to go. According to our scan, our boy weighs around 4.8lbs and is about the size of a canteloup.

A baby shower at my mums

On Monday morning, Ross and I travelled down to my mums in Surrey. We met Grace there as she had been away with her father for the weekend and I have to say that we had an absolutely fantastic time. Mum held a small baby shower and one of my brothers and my youngest sister came along with their families. There was plenty of food which included sandwiches, sushi (vegetarian for me!), scones and cream cakes. 

My mum had got out some of our old family videos from years ago and we had a right laugh watching some of these. There was my 18th birthday party and me and some of my friends dressed up to go and see Rocky Horror. There were somewhere my mum was younger than I am now. We also watched the wedding of my next sister down.

My youngest niece and nephew were there and it was lovely to see them having some fun. On top of all of this we received some wonderful gifts for the baby including clothes, toys, muslins, nappies and bibs.

A visit to Hastings 

The following morning we left my mums and set off to see Ross’ Aunt down in Hastings. We arrived after midday and there was a delicious lunch waiting for us. After that, we set off down the seafront and purchased two rounds of crazy golf each. The first round was adventure golf. Grace did a great job and was starting to look like a pro towards the end. We all got a chance to hit a ball for a free round and Ross and his Aunt both won one. 

We stopped for refreshments. Ross and I both had ice cream and I was surprised to see that you could now get flavoured Mr Whippys! I chose peanut butter and it was lovely. We then started our next round of golf and half way through I felt exhausted. Kindly, every one decided to call it a day so we went back for takeaway fish and chips before heading off back to Thorpe Park for the night. 

A quick trip to Thorpe Park and back to my mums

When we arrived at Thorpe Park Hotel on Tuesday night at around 9.45pm, we realised that there had been a mix up. I had asked for a room for Tuesday 31st May. This was confirmed but, of course, 31st was actually Wednesday night! Thankfully my mum’s house is only around 20 minutes away so we stayed with her instead!

The following morning we went back to Thorpe Park to pick up our annual passes and Ross and Grace went on a couple of rides. Grace went on Colossus – her first big rollercoaster ride. We then headed back to my mums to see another one of my sisters and her children, have lunch and then head home. I have to admit that I slept much of the way. Poor Ross was really tired and I think he would have liked to have done the same.


I have to say that the beginning of the week really did take it’s toll on me. I had to work on Thursday and Friday but decided to do it with my feet up on the sofa. Grace and Ross were very supportive. They made sure that they fetched things for me and that I got lots of rest. The decision had been made prior but there are no long journeys for me now until after the baby arrives.

Meeting up with another sister and her family 

My next sister down from me has just spent half term in Cornwall with her family – my brother-in-law and niece and nephew. We all met for lunch in Yeovil yesterday and it was lovely to be able to spend time with them. I have managed to see all my brothers and sisters bar one this last week. A great chance to catch up with all of them before our new arrival.

33 weeks + 5 days bump

The baby has been really wriggling this week and he is particularly prominent at around 11.30pm. It is great to feel him move. I am really going to miss the feeling when he isn’t there any longer. I am doing my best to make the most of the feeling of my final pregnancy.

What’s Next?

This week I have an acupuncture appointment as well as an appointment with the midwife. Other than that I will be making sure that my hospital bag is all packed and the gifts from the baby shower are all put away in the baby’s room. Lots of rest too! 

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