The Conception Diaries – 32 Weeks Pregnant

The Conception Diaries – 32 Weeks Pregnant

Following my series on YouTube, The Conception Diaries and our attempts to get pregnant, our IVF baby is due in July 2017. My last update was at 31 weeks pregnant when I wrote about a tour of the maternity unit, a visit from the Health Visitor and turning 46 years old.

I am now 32 weeks pregnant. As I type this, I have just 50 days to go. According to our scan, our boy weighs around 4.8lbs and is about the size of a pineapple.

A very sad day

On Tuesday I woke up to the news of the Manchester bombing. I have to admit that it made me extremely emotional and, even though I worked all day, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. I just kept bursting into tears. I listen to Radio 2 whilst I work and, of course, they were playing suitable music and talking about what had happened. I guess that didn’t help but I didn’t want to listen to happy music and I didn’t want the silence either! I didn’t know what to say, so I just didn’t say anything. A very difficult day.

Our 32 week scan

On Wednesday we went for our 32 week scan. This totally made up for the previous day and helped me re-focus on what we had to look forward to. Arriving on time, Ross and I went and sat to wait for our scan. Even though we have now got what we have been praying for, I still find it difficult to see 20 year old girls who are pregnant with their second or third child standing and smoking outside the entrance (despite the signs!). 

Whilst we were waiting, Helen, our fertility nurse, passed by and came over to say hello. So was thrilled about how big I was getting and how it wouldn’t be long before he arrived. We then got taken in by the sonographer and a student nurse.

The measurements all went well and we were shown, once again, that it was definitely a boy we were expecting! We made sure to get photos and Ross specifically requested an image of his tiny foot – especially for Grace. She was so sad that she couldn’t come along again because of school.  They found that my placenta had lifted slightly and the baby’s head was just ahead of it. But, we are not out of the woods there yet – it still needs to be higher.

Seeing the consultant

Once we had finished, we collected our photos and the details of the scan and went to wait for our appointment with the consultant. This time we saw the actual consultant dealing with our case, Mrs Soloman. She was very happy with what she saw, took my blood pressure and then we made an appointment for 36 weeks where they will then decide on the birth plan for our baby.

After we had taken our usual trip to Mothercare after our appointment – where Ross picked up the cutest outfit for our boy – we came home and I worked with my feet up on the sofa. 

Dealing with the heat

I mentioned last week that the swelling had been at it’s most prominent. Now, with the heat increasing, it has just gotten worse. Thankfully, I have been able to lay on my bed to work with the window open and a cool breeze. Come the afternoon, I move downstairs to the sofa as the sun has moved round to our bedroom window. Our conservatory has a great air-conditioning unit so we have made good use of that! I also have the brilliant Cool It Mama spritz from the Natural Birthing Company. It is a great way to help cool down (more on my blog tomorrow!).

Drinking Gin!

The one thing I do miss in the sunshine is a refreshing glass of gin and tonic or Pimms. Both of these are definitely my go-to summer drinks. Thankfully 31Dover came to my rescue on Friday when they sent me two bottles of their Seedlips alcohol free spirit. One is Spiced and the other, Garden, has a more herby taste. So far I have been enjoying the Garden bottle. It really reminds me of a glass of Pimms without the bitter taste and has a lovely, refreshing after taste. Definitely recommend it if you are pregnant or tee-total.

32 weeks + 5 days bump

I took this week’s bump photo from the bath. On Saturday morning I lay in a very cool bath which really helped the swelling on my ankles, feet and hands. I was in there for half an hour and couldn’t help but notice how much our baby was taking over my body! Thankfully I had Ross’ help when it was time to get out of the bath – not an easy feat these days! 

What’s Next?

This week we are off to visit my mum – and will be having a small baby shower at her house -,visiting Ross’ Aunt, staying at the Thorpe Park Hotel with a visit to the park the next day (no rides for me though!) and then we will be home for the rest of half term. This will be my last bit of travelling before the baby turns up.

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    Wow, your bump looks amazing! Glad the scan and appointment went well. Fingers crossed for the placenta moving a bit further for you!
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