10 of my Favourite Products from The Baby Show, ExCel London, 2017

10 of my Favourite Products from The Baby Show, ExCel London, 2017

On Saturday 4th March 2017 my mum, Grace and I attended The Baby Show which was held at the ExCel in London. I have to say that things have come a long way since I had my daughter – it’s like the first time around all over again – and I was really excited to see what the show had in store for us and what innovative products we would find when walking around.

There were so many wonderful exhibitors to choose from and so many great products so what I thought I would do was whittle it down to a list of my 10 favourites.

The Chicco Next2Me Bedside Crib

Ross and I first glimpsed the Chicco Next2Me Bedside crib in Mothercare a couple of weeks ago so it was really helpful to be able to see it up close at The Baby Show and get a good idea of the features it offered thanks to the demonstrators on hand. I love it’s versatility and the fact that you are able to attach it to the side of your bed. It also had a rocking mechanism.

We are hoping to make sure that the night feeds are as straightforward as possible and, having something like this right next to our bed, means that we will be able ensure that all of us get as much rest as possible and prevent too much disruption to me, Ross or the baby during the night feeds.

The Dinky Dragon I-Angel Hipseat Carrier

I think this has to be one of my most favourite products so far – and not just because my mum modelled it! The I-Angel hipseat carrier from Dinky Dragon incorporates baby carrier, hipseat and toddler backpack all in one. The main reason I am so keen on it is, to be perfectly honest, my age!

One of the things I am concerned about once I have had this baby is the carrying around part – especially as it gets bigger. Let’s face it, 46 years old is no spring chicken and that, coupled with the fact that Ross has suffered with a bad back for a very long time now, means that this product could be invaluable to us. The carrier evenly distributes the weight of your child meaning that it will make it easier on both of us! 

Elizabeth Brown Maternity Wear

I have already written about how difficult I have found it to get decent maternity wear at a reasonable price so I was interested to see what this stand had on offer. I was really pleased to see that not only was the clothing a good price, but that it was a family-run business with products being sourced and made here in the UK.

Chris, the husband of Kerry Brown who created Elizabeth Brown Maternity, explained that she was a plus size woman who had terrible trouble finding maternity clothing when she was pregnant so had decided to try and do something about it – and she has done a great job. I tried on one of their dresses and I was so impressed with the quality and fit. It was so comfortable.

Magnet Mouse Clothing

Now this was one clever product that I first noticed over on Instagram on Friday when someone posted a video of the easy way to undo sleepsuits. 

The baby wear from Magnet Mouse is not only 100% organic but it is completely free from fiddly poppers and buttons. Tiny magnetic fastenings are hidden away inside the very soft cotton, meaning you can access your baby in seconds! The only slight concern I did have was whether or not the baby could access the magnets with a potential of swallowing them – but Mouse, the creator, has already covered this. The magnet is enclosed in a perforated plastic cove and is sewn inside the lining of the garment making it very hard to remove.

As well as baby clothing and shoes, they also stock maternity and nursing tops which feel really comfortable to the touch.

Mama Mio Tummy Cream

One of the things I suffered with during my first pregnancy was stretchmarks round the tops of both of my legs – they are still there to this day as proof of carrying Grace – and I am hoping to try and keep them a little more at bay this time around.

I used a recommended cream at the time to no avail so it was great to see a number of products to help with this at the Baby Show. The one that really caught my eye was the Tummy Rub Butter from Mama Mio. All 3 of us tested some on our hand and I have to say that the smell is gorgeous. They explained to me that the best way to guard against stretchmarks is continual use of Omega 3, 6 and 9 to help build skin’s strength and elasticity – all of which are incorporated into their creams.


I think my love for the iCandy has become apparent over the last few weeks – and, therefore, I couldn’t leave them off this list, could I?! I think their stand was probably the busiest one I saw on Saturday with the amount of people surrounding it and the number of demonstrations going on thanks to the iCandy staff.

The release of the Orange is slightly later than planned but there was no shortage of orders for the rest of their great range. We have just received delivery of our lovely new Peach so watch out for our unboxing video coming soon! 

Hamilton Turnberry Changing Bags

This was another company, formed by a mum, which impressed me. Over the years, when I haven’t been pregnant, I have seen changing bags really change face. They have become more on trend and something you want to carry around as well as just being practical (my ‘top of the range’ one 10 years ago was ugly in comparison!).

Hamilton Turnberry’s changing bags were the ones which really caught my eye. They are very stylish and I love the removable inserts making it easier when you are out and about. They aren’t too girly either – which will make Ross feel much more comfortable if he has to take it with him! 

Chamomile Baby Clothing

Sometimes, when you come away from a show you’ve attended, there is a product that sticks in your mind – despite the fact that you didn’t engage with them much at the time. At this show, that product for me was the beautiful clothing from Chamomile Baby.

Once again a product made in the UK, the items are beautifully embroidered and made from 100% cotton. They stock outfits, bibs, shawls and shoes and I absolutely love the exquisite designs.

The Babyhub Sleepspace

I really was heartened to see just how many of these businesses had been formed by mums who had come up with a good idea. You would’ve have thought by now that every thing helping you out with your baby would have been thought of – but, not so!

I was really interested to see the Sleepspace from The Babyhub. The issue with many baby products is that they grow out of them so quickly but this travel cot is a really versatile product that grows with your baby. Initially a travel cot that can be bought with mat, mosquito net and canvas bag carrier, it then converts into a lovely play tepee for your little one as they get older. It is also easy to open and close.

Zippy Bibs

Last, but not least is Zippy Bibs and I think their demonstrators were amongst the most knowledgeable. 

Not only do they sell bibs, long-sleeved tops, sleepsuits and pyjamas, they also stock muslins and swaddles. The swaddles were the items that really drew me in. They are made from bamboo muslin cloth which means that they are soft on your baby’s skin and because they are a light, open weave it means that they are breathable which helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature. On top of that, they open out big enough to use as a cover-up when breastfeeding. 

I attended The Baby Show at ExCel London in March 2017 on a press pass but was not obliged to write this post.

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