A Review of the Bissell Steam Shot

A Review of the Bissell Steam Shot

Having reviewed a Bissell Vac and Steam cleaner previously, I believed I had a pretty good idea of how good steam cleaning was. I was wrong – the Bissell Steam Shot is even better!

A Review of the Bissell Steam Shot

This nifty little gadget is easy to fill and easy to use. It comes with 8 different attachments which give various assistance with cleaning. I was impressed to see a window squeegee tool (especially as Ross regularly likes to complain about the windows!) and a fabric steamer tool too – which means you can easily remove wrinkles on clothes or curtains. There are also two circular brushes, a lengthening hose and a grout brush.

One of the things I have been doing since I went to Amchara is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. This includes the reduction of harmful chemicals – so what better than the power of steam? 

Using the Bissell Steam Shot

The Bissell Steam Shot is light at only 2.3kg and has a lovely long cable (4.8 metres) to enable you to get to all those hard to reach places. The tank holds 360ml of water which, according to Bissell, gives you around 10 minutes of steam cleaning time. The heater, which generates the steam, is powerful at 1000 watts and the trigger is on demand which means that steam is only produced when you need it. This aides with saving energy and reducing the risk of injury.  But the thing Ross really loves? It saves money. It doesn’t need any chemicals or cleaning products just steam produced by water out of your tap! 

I decided to put the Steam Shot to the test on our oven. All of us were really surprised at the results.

Bissell Steam Shot Before and After

Grace was taking the photos of me using the Steam Shot at the time. Once I had finished, she shouted ‘Whoa Mum, that is amazing!’. Ross came in to take a look and was suitably impressed as well.

So far, I haven’t come across any drawbacks or any need for improvement with the product. I have a feeling that the Bissell Steam Shot is going to be put to good use in our house. 

Disclosure: We were sent a Bissell Steam Shot for the purpose of this review, however, all words, opinions and images are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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