A Review of Softub – the hot tub with a difference!

Yahooooo!! We have a hot tub. Well….we have a SOFTUB to be more precise, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Back in May 2014, we were guests of Barbers cheese at the Royal Bath and West show . Here I was called upon to share my ultimate cheese toastie. You may also recall that we went on a Forest Holidays break the same year…which started off our love of the hot tub.

As we were walking along at the show, trying to find the Barbers stand, we came across the lovely people of Softub. We were intrigued as this doesn’t look like your normal, run of the mill, everyday hot tub.


Our first impressions

Upon further inspection we realised that the Softub was made of far softer material and, whilst it didn’t have the moulded seats like a ‘normal’ hot tub, it felt easier on the skin and less likely to cause bruises as you banged your shins on the side (something I have experienced and, believe me, it is ruddy painful!!).


Softub were looking to sell the display models they had. The smaller one had already been taken but the larger model – the Softub Resort 300+ – in a mocha colour which holds 6 people was still for sale.  Ross had a number of discussions with the wonderfully friendly staff and soon a deal was struck. Grace and I were VERY excited by this, as was Ross. He has worked extremely hard over the past few months and he deserved to reward himself. Grace’s comments were rather funny though – ‘I am going to be SO popular at school!’.

Our Softub was delivered the very next day. We decided to place it on our decking after ensuring that it would take the weight once the tub had been filled. In order to ensure that we could leave the Softub pump plugged in we then had to get an electrician around to put everything in place for us. Then we had to fill it….and fill it….and fill it! It took nearly a day. Then we had to heat it, and, to get it up to a balmy 38º it took another day and a half (now we understand why it has to be left on all the time!).

But was it all worth it I hear you ask! Totally. So very totally and utterly.

8 Reasons to Choose a Softub


Portable, light and easy to install: Softubs are the most versatile hot tub spa in the world, defying limits and redefining the meaning of endless possibilities.


Relax and enjoy some peace and quiet! Thanks to our innovative Whisper Technology Softub motors are the quietest in the industry.


Softubs have been the undisputed market leaders in heat recovery and heat recycling technology for over twenty years, producing award winning hot spas without a separate heater. The Hydromate incorporates pump, motor and heater into a single unit. This means that the filtered water is heated by the excess heat that is naturally generated by the motor. This reduces energy consumption to an absolute minimum. This innovative technology and the use of our high density insulating foam” Polybond” make your Softub the most energy efficient hot tub on the market.


Come rain or shine, heat wave or deep freeze, LeatherTex, the outer vinyl of your Softub Hot Spa will withstand even the severest of weather conditions.


The automatic cleaning function of the Ozonator aids intensive and hygienic water care, allowing you to use fewer chemicals whilst keeping your water crystal clear.


Easy Installation, innovative foam material and departure from pre-shaped and restrictive seating provides freedom of movement and ultimate comfort in any position.


Softub Hot Tub Spas are a haven of comfort and relaxation. The soft but firm foam material Polybond provides optimal comfort and support in any position, undoubtedly creating the most comfortable lounging spa to date.


Leather effect materials, stylish colours, high quality surrounds and state-of- the-art accessories, make Softub the quintessence of Design, Style and Quality.

Why we agree with Softub

I have to completely agree with all of these. Number 2 is particularly relevant to us. When we were on our Forest Holiday, the sound of the hot tub did, on occasion sound like a helicopter landing! No such thing with ours. I haven’t bruised my legs getting in and out, I can sit where I like and, all of this for around £15 per month in electricity.

The jets are  well-placed around the tub meaning that you can massage different parts of your body. As well as an outside light on the decking, there is a light inside the tub which softly glows different colours.

photo 3 (1)

The water treatment is very straightforward. I add the chemicals once a week. We also put in a little more chlorine if we are using it regularly that week. A chemical treatment pack lasts for around 6 months. We also have something called a ‘scumbug’ which floats on the surface collecting any water scum.

The lovely people at Softub also provided us with two headrests, some UV spray, a pack of waterproof playing cards and an inflatable booster seat to make it a little easier for Grace to use.

photo 1 (2)
photo 2 (2)

The Softub is now our weekly treat. We use it at least twice over the weekend and, come the summer holidays, we will probably use it more regularly.  We also have some friends coming to stay in a few weeks and are planning to bring the TV down to watch from the tub!

If you ever get the chance, then choose Softub for your hot tub!

Find Softub on their website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

The Softub was purchased by us and there was no obligation to write a review. 

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  1. Hi everyone. I bought mySoftub yesterday. Used. From a recently sold home, the new owner said it was left behind. Well, I saved a bunch and rented a flatbed to get it home. It was a hot day, but I couldn’t wait to clean the tub and fill it. I tell you, it was easy to move and clean. Before you could sing, Skip to my Lue, I was relaxing in that six foot round tub. I took time to enjoy the view of my property from a new perspective. I work hard and I try to play hard. I got to share with y’all. Playing hard is getting a lot easier with this Softub.
    I’m 52 or 53 years old now and today’s temperature in Moreno Valley, California is expected to reach a high of 102 degrees F. I’ll be in that tub with the heater off. Just as cool as could be. 🙂
    May God bless y’all, just remember to thank him!
    P.S. I know what a hard tub feels like. I much prefer the feel of this soft but firm tub.

  2. We love soft hot tubs – just so much nicer to rest against. I think you have written a great write up and I think those last 2 photos embody how we want out hot tub time to be. Fun – with a bit of drink

  3. wow. nice write-up with a stunning picture. we also use Softub for a long time.it works really great and still working.anyway thanks

  4. just got one and wish i hadn’t! LOUD as heck. most hot tubs are quiet when you aren’t using it but the Softub make a considerable amount of noise. coming back from my morning walk i could hear it all the way down the block even though its in my side yard behind a fence. in fact i can hear it loud and clear inside my house as i write this. mind you the model even has the silencer! lol lol lol but as i said NOT QUIET

    1. I am not sure which model you have Oliver but I can safely say that ours is very quiet indeed. Sorry to hear that you aren’t experiencing the same thing.

      1. If you dont put the electric cord in the slot under the hydromate it can make more noise but it sound like you need to call service because they are not at all loud as you describe

    2. We just got a Softub 3 days ago and the first night it was really loud due to the initial heating up but as was mentioned we had the power cable not routed well under the hydromate unit. It is definitely quieter once we solved that but still buzzing quite a bit as we have our Softub on a slab of concrete. What we’ve done to be a good neighbor is to change the Operation Mode from Standard to Overnight. Once the tub is at the desired temperature you can press a certain key combination; check the owners manual, and it will set the tub to not heat cycle for 12 hours from turning the function on. It works well as last night was back to being quiet. I also have some anti vibration mats lying around that I am going to put between the hydromate and the concrete once I finish painting the surround.

  5. Where did you find the surround that is in the picture? I am looking for something exactly like that for my soft spa!

    1. Do you mean the second photo? It was the suppliers and they didn’t sell it with the softub – although I think that they stock it online.

  6. A soft hot tub can definitely feel as good as a regular built in one.. We love ours and in the summer use it almost every day. If you keep it covered when not in use the temperature will stay warm for some time and you won’t have to run the heater as often.

  7. We purchased our Softub used when it was 6 years old, we used it for over 10 years without any trouble. It was absolutely wonderful! We got a lot of pleasure out of it. I would highly recommend it!

  8. Do NOT buy a Softub!!! The vinyl is crap. I wish I wouldn’t have gotten rid of my old one. Mine is on an enclosed back porch and I use it all winter. The winter before last was brutally cold and where ever I leaned over on it is now all cracked. I dealt with Hotub Express and even though they admitted to changing the original vinyl they were using, they refused to reskin it. They dragged me along for almost three months to just tell me they weren’t going to do anything about it. I would also like to add that I am pretty sure with the way the jets are placed (higher than the older models) that there would be no way that four people would fit without the water spilling over.

    With there being so many hot tubs on the market, don’t waste your money on these.

    1. What a shame to hear that you have had a bad experience. Ours has been nothing but positive. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  9. Garbage!! Unfortunately, we bought the largest one and it stopped working after 2 years. We can not get anyone to fix it since Softubs left town, Albuquerque, NM.

    1. Wow softub has a 5 year warranty they ship you a prepaid box to put the hydromate in, UPS comes an picks it up 5 days later you get it back fixed or a brand new one. call sevice number an get it fixes

  10. Very nice writeup 🙂 And amazing photos too! I absolutely love the idea of light inside the hot tub. Seems like a greate choice 🙂

  11. Sorry about the typo’s in my first post. I didn’t proof my post. I do know how to spell but my fingers are big and old and my tablet is small. Forgive me please or Victoria please correct it for me.

  12. Lovely post on Softub , Victoria . Sorry to see some unhappy folks out there. As someone with considerable experience with Softub in Canada (product is same design , only some terminology differs) I would like to shed some light on the issues.
    Eric has problems when the power flickers, the hydro ate is designed to reset after the power is interrupted for 15 seconds, hardly a flicker , defiantly signs of power source issues. Reset is always to 100 degrees for safety I can’t comment on customer support other than to recommend going direct to the factory. In Canada they are superb.
    Carole sites issues with motor and liner. Sounds like Carole was given poor information on the proper care of her Softub. It’s in the manual but that isn’t an excuse . Someone needs to help her with the water chemistry. All of her problems could be caused dy poor water balance and prevented with good chemistry. Water is natures most powerful solvent if it isn’t balanced properly . Ph 7.2-7.8 alkalinity 80 – 120 and sanitizer – chlorine at 3 – 5 ppm. If the water doesn’t look clear enough to drink and if the sanitizer smells strong, don’t swim in it. If in doubt dump it out. Pet fish were so easy, when the water chemistry was out, the fish died. It’s not difficult but most of us need coaching.
    Deb had trouble with leaving tub empty and mood growing. If she had treated the water with a proper drain prep before emptying and then drained it proper by removing the hydro ate and draining it and then tipping the tub on it’s side to drain, then wiping the liner withe a good tub cleanse , there would have been no mole growing. Not Deb’s fault, poor training
    Electric safety guy doesn’t know Softubs well . The RCD or ground fault as we call it is built into the cord. No extras to buy.
    Ian has trouble with the return jets coming off and a rapid leak. Not common problems and I shouldn’t comment without more information In Canada the factory is very good at making customers happy. Some dealers shouldn’t be dealers.
    Softub is a great product and a great company worldwide
    Happy New Year from Canada

    1. Thank you so much for all your wonderful explanations Gerald – that is so helpful of you. Happy New Year

  13. I had an early model and it was great so when it came time for a new one I bought a 300 to replace it.
    What a piece of crap!
    I have had nothing but problems with it the main one is every time the power flickers it kicks it down from 104 to 100.
    I just went out to get in it and again there it is at 100. 🙁
    Useless, don’t waste your money and customer support is non existent.


  14. We bought one of these also and thought it was wonderful in the beginning. However, it only lasted 1 season and then the problems started. It was at the manufacturer more than it was at our home and when we did have it it didn’t work. They replaced the entire motor unit and it has worked for 4 months but now the jets are at less than half force. The entire tub interior has large ridges across the bottom and the material is puckering round the top and is becoming alligator skin on the interior. It was a waste of money sorry to say.

      1. hi we love our softub except it doesnt say anywhere to keep it open when the water is out and you arent using it we cleaned and covered it and when we went to open it to put water in after 3 mos the liner and top were so moldy we had to replace them at a cost of 1500$ company said oh well and said the warranty was not for that (tub is 6 mos old) I asked them why it was not in the direction and they did not know.. did not even apoligize i want to spread the word how bad their customer service is….

  15. These are lovely hot tubs but make sure that you use a RCD to ensure electrical safety in case a problem arises if you aint if you aint sure what one is call a electrical inspector

  16. We got our 6 ( small ) persons Softub two years ago -towards the end of summer. All was more orl less well, except that the return jets kept coming off. No one had a clue how to keep them in place. The Softub was rolled to an indoor location for the winter and rolled back to the pool area. The approved and suggested method of transport.

    Once there, I filled it only to discover a rapid leak somewhere in the non-accessible plumbing. And by rapid leak – I mean 20 cm water level drop in 5-6 hours. In fact, it drains to just above the “seat”.

    We went from impressed to singularly unimpressed in 22 months. And of course, we live 65 km away from the dealer who doesn’t gave space for it so I can’t even get it looked at.

  17. Looks so awesome. I’ve searched through many sites but have yet to come across a site that is as useful and informative as yours . Thanks.

  18. ooh how fantastic! A few years ago we looked into getting one but the only things we could find were the really permanent ones to fit in or the softer ones that were bright blue and didn’t look very stylish. This one looks great and sounds wonderful! Enjoy it! x

  19. Oh this looks fab! I would love a hot tub, but not sure where it would go in our garden! The running costs are much lower than I expected them to be, I might have to show this to my husband 🙂

  20. This looks amazing! The monthly running costs are far less than I thought too.
    Definitely on my wish list (and will no doubt stay there a long time!)
    The relaxation benefits must be fab 🙂

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