Original Poetry

On this blog I write my own original poems and use many different subjects to inspire me including loss, infertility, parenting, family, love and even everyday objects! Over the years I have built up my own poetry library.

Prose for Thought

‘Prose for Thought’ is a fortnightly linky which I run and am also one of the round-up editors for the BritMums site and the monthly poetry news from bloggers.

I first started to write verse in my early twenties together with a number of song lyrics and performed a couple of my songs on stage. Creativity is a big passion of mine. I have taken part in NaPoWriMo a few times now but don’t believe I will ever make poet laureate.

My Love of Poems

My love of poems comes from lyrics and the song words from Smash Hits magazine which I bought in my younger years. 

Poetry is a great way to express  your feelings and put your thoughts down without saying anything directly. 

Today’s guest post comes from the talented Lucy at The Parent Game. She messaged me on Facebook back in the middle of May explaining that she had written a poem for us about our impending arrival. I was really touched and had…

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When I saw Sara at Mum Turned Mom had given the word ‘crash’ for the next prompt I wasn’t quite sure what to write. The image which came to my mind was that of the waves crashing on the sea. This…

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The Sea of Life Where there was once nothing but storms Mounting waves and angry winds Where all who sailed in this ship Had to hang on for dear life Where there once was nothing but despair All hope seemed…

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