Dear Rex, Now You Are One

Dear Rex, Now You Are One

A Moment Ago

It seems like only a moment ago that I was laying on the bed in the Poppy delivery room at Yeovil Hospital, looking at you in wonder and amazed yet again that my body had grown a second little human being. An now you are one.


Being there with you, your dad and your sister felt like everything was whole finally. I had the family I had always wanted – thanks to a lot of help from some clever science and a lovely donor lady.


The First Year

The first year has seen so many changes in all of us – not least you my giggly, strong-willed, sociable little boy. You are the double of your dad. You hate it when you can’t do something and wonder why things can’t happen now. Prime example is all the screaming that goes on during your nappy change – you would much rather be doing something else!

Gone are the days or should I say nights – when it was just you and me in the small hours of the morning. The only way you would sleep is by sleeping on me. Your reflux was so bad and it was the only way we could get through. Your sleep pattern was all over the place.

To start with, you slept in the Next2Me crib in our room. As time went on and sleep became harder, you and I slept in the spare room on the sofa bed. It was lower to the ground and easier for me, we didn’t disturb your dad and it made co-sleeping easier.

The guilt I felt because of the co-sleeping was immense. I was worried to tell anyone because they might judge me. Your dad was concerned. But I went with my mother’s instinct and felt that it was what was best for you. I still stand by that now. The amount of screaming when I put your down was enough to wake the whole street. I wanted to keep you comfortable and safe – so I did what I had to.



You are great at keeping yourself amused. We have a great play area for you and use a baby playpen in the shape of plastic castle pieces fixed together. The space is big enough for you to have a great area without getting into mischief!

At the moment, your favourite toys are your stacking cups, a little Vtech toy garage and cars and a swirling ball ramp which daddy’s friends, Iain and Patrice, gave to you. You have just discovered you can put the balls down the ramp and they come out at the other end and take great joy in clapping yourself when you are successful!

Things You Have Experienced

You have experienced so much in your short life so far. You went to your first blogging conference last September, two theme parks – Crealys and Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park, your first family holiday at Center Parcs in Longleat, Christmas at Nana and Grandad’s house in Portland, been on a plane (something Grace did when she was 4. Something your dad and I didn’t do until we were in our teens), been to Spain and stayed at Soar Mill Cove near Salcombe in Devon.

We have so many more adventures yet to come!


Ma-ma and da-da are there but you haven’t quite got to the stage where you know that it means me and your dad. You say ma-ma regularly when you need comfort – and I love hearing it.

‘Car’ is probably the other word that will be the first one you associate the object with. You love looking out our bedroom window and pointing and saying the word. Then there is cat thanks to Gypsy, and you haven’t mastered Grace yet – although you know exactly who I mean when I say her name.


You and your dad have so much fun together. He makes you laugh so much and you love to play with wrestling toys with him. Definitely a mini daddy there. You sometimes knock on his door when he is working and take great joy in seeing him. What a lucky boy you are to have such a fantastic daddy from the start – and one who works from home and can see you so regularly. You completed him and he loves you so much.

Grace is definitely your favourite. She never fails to make you smile and giggle endlessly. I can see your face getting excited as I carry you up for your bath and Grace follows closely behind. You are just waiting for her to do something to make you laugh. Grace is fiercely protective of you and will always be looking out for you. Big sisters are amazing.

With me, we took a while to grow into each other. I found the newborn days hard. I was still reeling from pre-eclampsia, dealing with the shock of my life being rewound by 10 years and no longer having any time for myself. As you have got bigger all of these things have either subsided or become easier. Now we are great playmates. I hide behind the sofa and you know exactly what is coming. I jump out at you as crawl towards me and you scream with delight.

We still battle on certain things. Wiping your face after meal times and changing your nappy are the biggest ones! I have no doubt that we will see some temper tantrums on shop floors sometime in the near future!

You and I though, we are a team. I love you Rex.

Getting Around

You are crawling at the speed of light! You are there before I know it. You are starting to stand without holding onto anything and I am sure it won’t be long before you take those first steps.

Last week you climbed the stairs for the first time – 5 in one go. The stair gate will be making an appearance very soon.

Bedtime Routine

Thankfully, we now have a good groove in the shape of a proper routine. 7pm until around 6/6.30 is fine in comparison to what it was! Although I still find the early mornings hard (makes mental note to go to bed earlier!).

We take you up for a bath at around 6.15/6.30 and either daddy or Grace join us. Then it is into your grobag and some milk followed by a story.


You are more than determined to feed yourself these days. You normally want what is on my plate so we tend to eat the same thing at lunchtime.

Your favourites are still Jaffa cakes. You love omelettes and pizza and you have just discovered raisins.

Thoughts on the next year

As with your sister, I never really feel too sad about you growing. After all, that is what we are all born to do. I do wonder where the time goes but I am SO looking forward to seeing you grow and develop and find out what sort of human being you are going to become.


The first year holds incredible changes but so does the second. Every age is my favourite for so many different reasons. I think this next year will be great for the walking, talking and for the understanding that you will come to about things in general.

Bring it on little man! I can’t wait to share it with you and your daddy and your sister.

Happy First Birthday.

So much love, from mummy xxxx





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  1. August 4, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Just adorable and who got into the cake?

  2. RaisieBay
    June 26, 2018 / 10:44 pm

    Happy First Birthday Rex, What a lovely post, something to look back on. Those baby days can be so hard, especially the first time, or after a long break (mine was 16 years!) But you know it’s all worth it, sometimes just with a simple smile or cuddle. I used to feel sad when my babies were growing, missing the baby years, but you are right, there is so much to look forward to, always. xx
    (I’m going to hunt down my youngest’s first birthday post now, you’ve made me feel all broody.)

  3. June 26, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    Aww! Happy Birthday Rex.
    It does not seem that long since I was watching the Conception Diaries….
    You have all had quite the year! He’s such a cutie x

  4. June 26, 2018 / 7:48 am

    Wow a year old – happy birthday rex. What lovely photos and memories of this first year. Xxx

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