A JML Christmas Gift Guide

A JML Christmas Gift Guide

Whenever I think of JML, it conjures up images of small TV sets in hardware stores with an enthusiastic chap’s voiceover selling you the latest clever product. For very good reason I think. JML is one of those companies who are always coming up with innovative products which will find their way into your family home and you will wonder how you ever survived without them!

I recently chose 3 products which I believe will suit at least one member of our family. Maybe they are an idea for yours too?

Star Shower Window Wonderland

This clever product will make your house the talk of the road/close/lane* (*amend as necessary!). It is an amazing movie projector that turns your home’s window into a clever cinematic display for all to see. The projector itself is a retro-style gadget. You place it near to your window and then adjust the easy-fit screent over the window, select whichever movie you want to play and start the show. It measures 4ft by 6ft – but just a word of advice, you will need to set the projector quite far back in the room with nothing obstructing it to ensure you get a full window and uninterrupted picture.  

Once the movie is started, your neighbours will see an incredible, high-resolution, live-action or animated movie. There are six different Christmas scenes including Santa Claus, puppies and gingerbread men. To add to it’s longevity, you are also provided with six Halloween movies too!

It is so easy to set up. All you need to do is plug it in and then there is a one-touch selection switch for Halloween or Christmas, then you can flick through to the movie of your choice. Plus, you can opt for it to display in either portrait or landscape. We used it at Halloween and loved the Zombies clawing to get out of our window! We are looking forward to using it at Christmas too.

This is available from JML at £79.99 and is going to be used by us for years to come.

Bright Eyes Blanket

The Bright Eyes Blanket is a comfy fleece blanket which will certainly suit Grace. She loves to sit up in bed in her onesie or currently uses a stripey blanket which she originally bought for me! This will mean I will get mine back and she can use something much more ‘her’. 

This blanket is made of comfy fleece and there are 3 Glow in the Dark Animal Faces to choose from.  The animal face forms the hood and then, on the main part of the blanket there is a place for your hands which appear as paws. The blankets can be folded into the hood to make an animal pillow. As well as this, the eyes glow in the dark. Perfect for sleep-overs (which Grace loves!), or to help her see in the dark.  

The animals you can choose from are cat, panda and dog. We have naturally chosen the cat for Grace. All 3 retail at £19.99 each.

True Touch: Silicone Pet Grooming Glove And Massager

Ross’ sister and her partner are big dog lovers and have two between them. I have yet to meet their latest addition (I am looking forward to seeing her at Christmas). From what I know, dogs can be hard work at the best of times. Not least is the importance of keeping them groomed so that their hair doesn’t start to take over.

I have had my eye on the True Touch grooming glove for a while. I first saw it on one of those videos (mentioned at the start of this post!) in our local shop and knew that it would make a great gift for Ross’ sister.

All you need to do is wear the glove and use it stroke your pet and groom them at the same time. Grooming can sometimes be a real chore but, because most pets love to be stroked, this glove will make grooming that much easier. It is specially designed to feel like a normal glove but it has a silicone surface and rubber nodules which pick up the hair and hold it in place. Eventually, the glove will be full of loose hair which you can just peel off and throw away. No stress all round!

The other great thing about the True Touch is that it is flexible. This means that it will fit into the contours of your animal and make it easier to do an all-over job. You can also use it on clothes and furniture too!

This is a great gift for any pet owner and is really good value at £9.99.


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