5 Creative Uses for Vinyl Floor Tiles

5 Creative Uses for Vinyl Floor Tiles

I have always loved the idea of decorating but when it actually comes down to it, I find I start to paint half a room and then lose interest. That is why, when we moved to our house, I was pleased to find that most of the rooms didn’t really need any work. Although that doesn’t stop me looking through home furnishing sites – because as far as I am concerned, decorating your house isn’t just down to a roll of wallpaper or a lick of paint. I love matching up furnishings and making a room looked lived in. 

I don’t know about you but in our garage we have a shelf where we keep loads of odds and ends and, in particular, left-overs from decorating including half tins of paint, wallpaper and floor tiles. This is mainly thanks to the previous owners I hasten to add – where they lacked in general housework and maintenance they made up for in the decorating department. The thing is we keep all these things on the shelf on a ‘just in case’ basis. What if something needs patching up or a tile gets split or broken? Chances are though that they won’t get used, so what can we do with them instead?

Well, I have 5 creative uses for vinyl floor tiles which you might find interesting:

Drawer liners

Vinyl floor tiles are useful as drawer liners especially if you are storing something which could potentially leak such as nail varnish remover (yep, been there!), cleanser, shampoos or any other type of liquid. The floor tiles are easy to remove and, as a result, they are easy to clean without any spillage in the drawer itself.

Covering the roof of a bird house or pet’s hutch

One of the issues with something like a bird house or hutch – especially if you make them yourself – is that the wood needs to have a layer on it so as the rain or wet weather doesn’t soak through. Vinyl tiles are the perfect solution to this. The best way to cover is to cut the tiles into rectangles and layer them like you would roof tiles. To ensure longevity, ensure you use waterproof glue.

Plant Coasters

Whenever I water my plants, you can guarantee that the water will spill over the edge and go over the table, plus the plant pot will generally leave a ring where it has been resting. Cutting the tiles into coasters for plants will help combat the problem.

A backsplash for a sink or appliance 

Our sinks – especially the utility room one – are well-used and you tend to find when washing off muddy boots or dirty plates a certain amount of it covers the wall directly behind the sink. Cutting out a vinyl tile and sticking it to the wall behind the sink not only adds colour but an easy-to-wipe surface.

Leak Protection

One of the problems we have experienced is a leak from our washing machine. For a while we hadn’t realised this was happening as it was a slow leak which had dripped underneath the cupboards and into the floor tiles. This of course meant that the floor tiles that we already laid needed to be replaced but it also meant that one of the built-in cupboards had water damage to the shelf. This is where the tiles came in handy. We lined the inside of the cupboard once it had dried out so that it not only looked better but prevented any more damage from further leaks.

Do you have any uses for other household decoration products? I would love to hear them.

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