Easing Winter Allergies with Serenz

Easing Winter Allergies with Serenz

As winter rolls around once again, so do the sniffles in our house – and probably many others up and down the country. Did you know though that this isn’t just down to coughs and colds?  Some of these issues can be attributed to winter allergies. 

Many of us associate summer with hay fever due to a large pollen count but allergies over the colder seasons are just as rife. Many people suffer with indoor allergies down to things such as mold and dust mites as well as pet dander. These are more prominent as you spend more time inside with less ventilation to the house with doors and windows remaining closed in order to keep the heat in.

I find that I get particularly bunged up if the heating is on. This may be down to the lack of ventilation as well as stirring up the dust that sits behind the radiators – I personally think it is a combination of the two. Grace and Ross also suffer with a stuffed up nose and, on top of this discomfort, Grace’s eczema is flaring up quite badly at the moment.

So, how to overcome it? If you are anything like me, then using chemicals on a regular basis is just not an option. Our family would rather deal with the discomfort than use treatments which typically include antihistamines or nasal steroids. Definitely a no no for us! Thankfully, there is a great product on the market called Serenz. 


Unlike the treatments that contain the nasty chemicals and need to be taken routinely, Serenz is a natural allergy relief product, clinically proven to start working in minutes. It is a clever product using only carbon dioxide — which is part of the air you breathe. This means drip-free relief from nasal allergy symptoms. It works quickly without causing drowsiness.

I have to say that I have started to use Serenz feeling confident that I am not putting harmful chemicals into my system and so far I am really pleased with the results. You can use it easily and it works quickly and harmlessly, easing the stuffiness in minutes.

Serenz has a RRP of £19.50 and can be purchased online. If you need to breathe easier this winter, why not give it a try? 

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