Polar Loop 2 – The Ongoing Quest for Fitness

Polar Loop 2 – The Ongoing Quest for Fitness

You might recall that back on the 1st of January I told you about my quest to improve my fitness levels with the aide of the Polar Loop 2 Fitness Activity tracker. Ross was also sent a tracker so that we could compare our results and help to support each other – and so far we have been doing a pretty good job. One of the most important goals for us was to get fit in time for our egg donation procedure during March.

Ross has been regularly running to school to pick Grace up and, as well as that, he tends to run to any appointments he has had at the doctors and also to the shops. Overall, I think he is generally fitter than me! 

My exercise has mainly been in the form of our treadmill in the garage. I have varied my routine so that I am either running/fast walking before or after I take Grace to school. My target has been a solid 2k every time I get on the treadmill and I have managed to achieve this 3 times a week on average.


As well as the treadmill, I have walked to school with Grace on a regular basis, done some swimming and also walked to my doctors appointments.

As for exercising together, Ross and I have kept up with our family karate classes every Friday evening. Grace also attends these so we hope that, between us, we are setting her a good example. It is great fun as well as being great exercise.

The single most important thing to us has been our goals in helping us to get fit ready for our journey to Cyprus and the medical procedures that incorporate our egg donation. The Polar Loop has meant that I can continue to track my progress and make sure that we both stay on target. It continues to help motivate us as it is continuously tracking your activity. If we haven’t moved for 50 minutes – which is easily done in both of our jobs! –  it vibrates to give you a reminder. There are days where I find this a little annoying, I have to admit but it is for our own good. It then means that I do get up, move around a bit, walk up and downstairs a few times and also use it as a reminder to stay hydrated too as I never drink enough water during the day!

I have to admit that we haven’t done any Park Runs so far this year – that is mainly down to the weather – but I have enjoyed getting more active on the treadmill and hope to take that outside more frequently as the weather improves.

The next step is to take the Polar Loops to Cyprus with us and see what we can do to stay fit in a hotter climate!

Polar Loop 2


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  1. March 8, 2016 / 12:26 am

    Oh I like the idea of these loops! I tried an activity monitor a while back but what I want to monitor on top of my activity is my sleep (how long / how well I sleep) so I can gradually improve my sleep quality (sleep deprived mama!). This nifty little gadget looks like what I’ve been looking for. I drink no water at all, unless you count the hot water that goes in my coffee, and reminders to keep hydrated would make me drink I think, so would the reminder to move around. I downloaded a really cool yoga app a week ago and I still haven’t given it a go despite the fact the shortest session is 5 min long! I’m hopeless… Hope you’re having a great holiday in Cyprus and the egg donation goes well this month. Congratulations again for your engagement xx

    • March 10, 2016 / 3:35 pm

      I am getting much better at drinking water – it really helps! Oh, and I have a giveaway for one of these loops coming up soon. We had a great time thanks – all going OK so far. And thank you 🙂 x
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