Our Furniture Replacement List

Our Furniture Replacement List

One of the best books I’ve read so far this year has been The Life-changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. This book, written by somebody with such passion for tidying that it has become a full time career, has had a monumental and hugely positive effect on my whole household. Ross read the book too and we have since discarded bag after bag of ‘stuff’ – things that either were useful at one point but have since served their purpose, or things that really shouldn’t have entered our house in the first place and ended up taking up space “just in case”.

This has led to our house being a tidier, cleaner and much more positive living space which contains only the things that serve a clear purpose and, more importantly, bring us joy.

When it comes to furniture, given the sheer size of most items in this category, it’s vital to make sure you’ve chosen wisely, picking something that suits your living space, living needs and, of course, financial requirements.

Gumtree is a superb place to consider your options when it comes to furniture, collecting great items at great prices without obliging you to shop in one particular style or from one particular supplier – there is something to suit all tastes, all needs and all bank balances.

When the time comes for us to look at replacing one of our major items of furniture, I’m certainly going to be checking Gumtree out to weigh up my options and possibly pick up a bargain – and the three items that I suspect we’ll be looking for next are…

SOFA – when we first moved to Somerset, we came with two black leather sofas. They’d been around for quite some time but were comfy enough – the issue was that our new living room didn’t have the right shape for two sofas. We could have put them in an L shape in the corner but that would have looked a little odd and wasted the space between them.

Our solution was to buy a corner unit from eBay – Ross has always wanted one and it complements the room beautifully. The right colour, the right shape and it seats more people that you could with two sofas – it’s long enough to stretch out on but can allow all of the family to sit together when we want to be close – including the cat, who particularly likes sitting on the back of the sofa behind our heads.

In fact, it’s the cat (or cats plural, as our departed Muse was involved in this skulduggery) that could cause us to be shopping for a new one sooner than later – the leather is now riddled with scratchmarks! We never had this problem with the black sofas before. Perhaps because scratches show up more on cream than they do on black and possibly because they became outside cats when we moved to Somerset but either way, after 30 months, our lovely new sofa is looking not quite as fresh as when we first bought it!

CABIN BED – shortly after moving here, we thought Grace could do with a new bed so we got rid of the old frame and replaced it with a cabin bed, which she absolutely loves. It’s much better for a growing kid as well, since there was (past tense – it’s since been removed!) a desk attached and plenty of storage space for the things that otherwise would, no doubt, be strewn around the room.

As she gets older and starts moving towards her teenage years, the excitement of sleeping some five feet off the floor will start to wane and we’ll need to look at a more adult bed – and that’s where Gumtree will come in for sure!

DINING TABLE – as our family grows (hopefully in numbers as well as age), time spent around the dining table is going to become increasingly precious. We’ve had many lovely evenings at our beautiful dining table, from playing quintessentially British card games with Ross’ friend and wrestler Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly to family get togethers with our parents and, hopefully this year, Christmas dinner. The dining table is a great feature in any house and can be the place for the best family interaction.

This said, the table has been with us (or, at least, Ross) for over a decade now so it’s beginning to show the strain of time. It probably doesn’t help that it’s not uncommon for us to find Gypsy sitting right in the middle of the table, licking her bottom… apparently, dining tables are considered an appropriate location for this in cat society. The time will come soon where Gypsy may have to get used to a new locale for her bathing ritual – Gumtree to the rescue!

So what are the items in your house that are loved but may need to get replaced soon? They’ve all got some great stories, no doubt, so when the time comes for them to give way to a new arrival, look back at the times you’ve had with that furniture and thank the item for all the pleasure it has given you.

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  1. February 19, 2016 / 4:22 pm

    My daughters’ beds are up for replacement next. They are currently on order and have ottoman storage in the bases… not that I’m sharing this information with either daughter! I was so sad to see their old beds leave the house last weekend; funny how you get so attached to things isn’t it?!
    Izzie Anderton recently posted..Relive a day of your life…My Profile

  2. February 19, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    Great tip… As you’ll see from my upcoming posts, we are going to be needing a lot of furniture cheaply v soon… Gumtree is a great idea! P.s. when you work out how to keep a cat off the dining table, do let me know!
    Stephs Two Girls recently posted..Siblings ~ February 2016My Profile

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