‘What Do I Do?’ Puzzle from Orchard Toys

‘What Do I Do?’ Puzzle from Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys have played a big part in Grace growing up. Their bright colours and age appropriate games and puzzles used to keep her occupied for hours. Their game ‘Shopping List’ was our absolute favourite and we used to play it every day when she came home from school.

I was surprised to learn that Orchard Toys have been around for 40 years and originally started on a kitchen table. Despite how big they have become, they still design, produce and pack all their products from a small market town in Norfolk. Their ethos is learning made fun and I totally support that. They do it so well. I always find their packaging attractive – to both children and parents – and their products are extremely well-made. The puzzle that they sent me is just one of their quality items.

Orchard Toys What Do I Do Jigsaw

Suitable for age 2 and over ‘What Do I Do?’ retails at £7.99 and is going to make the perfect Christmas present for my niece, Lily who turned 2 in September.

The eye-catching jigsaw pieces feature characters from lots of different occupations including a chef, a fireman, a doctor, a policewoman and a postman. It helps develop hand eye coordination as well as matching and memory skills.

Orchard Toys What Do I Do

This means that not only do the large 3-piece puzzles provide a fun first jigsaw for little hands but it also means that there is a discussion aid for parents to enable them to talk about the different jobs these characters do.

You can see that their products are designed with education in mind and they make it great fun in the process. I am sure that Lily will agree.

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