A Review of the Serena Womens Walking Boots from Trespass

A Review of the Serena Womens Walking Boots from Trespass

Ever since moving to the West Country, I have discovered more and more places that I want to walk around. The scenery in this part of the world is beautiful. The one thing I have struggled with is footwear. It is not easy to find something that fits well, is comfortable as well as supportive without giving you blisters. Step up Trespass!

A Review of the Serena Womens Walking Boots from Trespass

Last weekend when we visited Devon, I decided to put my brand new Serena Walking Boots from Trespass to the test. As soon as we turned the corner into our hotel, I knew just how much testing they would get when I saw the hills that surrounded the cove. Plus, the following morning, we were due to spend much of our time walking around a farm park – set on the side of a hill!

The initial assessment was on the first evening. After dinner we decided to climb the hill right outside the hotel. The boots served me well. They got me to the top in comfort and I really enjoyed the walk.  The next day, however, was a far longer and far more gruelling test (if you can call it that! It wasn’t like I was climbing Ben Nevis!).

Trespass Walking Boots Review

We spent the whole morning from 10am until 1.30pm walking around Pennywell Farm. I played crazy golf, went on the slide (a couple of times) walking up and down a wooden tower and around the willow maze. We then returned to Soar Mill Cove for more walking.

This time it was a far more trialling task. We walked down to the beach, around the beach, back up from the beach, up to the top of the hill, back down the hill and then back up to the hotel. A total of 2 hours walking. 

So, what did I think?

Product Description

Trespass explain that these walking boots were specifically designed for the outdoors. The fabric is breathable, meaning that they help your feet feel fresh and comfortable – perfect for the hot weather we experienced on the Saturday.  They have also been designed using something called Tres-tex technology which means that the boots are created to repel water. I tested this by stepping into the sea – and it worked! The boot has a nubuck leather upper to ensure that the boots are hard-wearing and long lasting – so far, so good! They also have steel shank midsoles which protect your feet – a perfect idea for an accident-prone, clumsy lady such as myself! 

On top of all of this the soles have a strong grip – no more slipping off, rocks, gates and stiles for me! 


In a word, excellent. These are tough, strong walking boots which are built to last.


Very good. My feet have always been one of the weaker parts of my body and I tend to be heavy on my footwear. The boots were extremely supportive of both my feet and my ankles, the only drawback was, at the end of the day, the tops of my ankles ached slightly where the boots had been over-supportive! 


Initially these boots were priced at £129.99 which is definitely out of my range. They now have 60% off, bringing the price down to a very reasonable £51.99. For walking boots that are going to get plenty of use, I would say that this is great value.

Any room for improvement?

They could be slightly softer around the top to prevent aching ankles, however, I cannot see how that can be down without compromising the support – and that is what I would rather have!

Final thoughts

A great product. Not only will I be using these to walk up and down to school but I can see them getting plenty of use in all terrains this summer! 

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