Home and Garden Gifts

Home and Garden Gifts

I’m sure all of us have received gifts over the years that we just know we are never going to use. One of my favourite examples – which I often relay to people – are the jumpers which my Grandma knitted for me and my brother and sister. The neck was far too small and she decided to tell my mum we had the wrong shaped heads!

When I receive home and garden gifts, I like to make sure that they will be put to good use – not just sit in the corner of the garage gathering dust. 

Here are great products from a variety of different price ranges which I believe I would use around the home and garden.

Karcher K2 Home 240v 110 Bar Pressure Washer and Brush Kit

One of the things that I have wanted in a very long time is a pressure washer. With the fact that there is a lack of water pressure in our house, coupled with two cars and some decking which needs a proper clean, this item will be put to very good use around both home and garden. 

FFX sell a couple of different pressure washers but I feel that this particular model will best suit our needs. As well as the cars and decking, we can also use it for the patio, cleaning windows and also the paint and brickwork on our house. To make my job easier, it comes with a vario lance, dirtblaster, patio & deck detergent pouch, a trigger gun and a 4m high pressure hose. and is a very reasonable price of £113.

Dry:Soon 2-Tier Heated Tower Airer

I have a fantastic airer in our kitchen, however, I do find that it takes far too long to dry the clothes at this time of the year. Now we have an extra persons clothes going through the machine (despite the fact that he is very small right now!). it is even more important to make sure that the clothes dry that bit quicker. 

I don’t really like putting things through the tumble dryer as not only do they tend to shrink but it is also costly to run. Not so with a heated airer. This Dry:Soon model costs just 4p an hour to run! It will also dry everything that bit quicker meaning that the washing has less chance of piling up. A great buy and cheaper than a tumble dryer at £89.99.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

One of things that I dislike intensely is cleaning our microwave. Food can splatter all over the inside and trying to clean it off, especially when it has been cooked on after a couple more heated plates of food, is not easy. In steps this handy little gadget.

The Angry Mama takes up no space at all. All you need to do is lift her hair, put in a mixture of vinegar and water and place it in the microwave and heat for 5 to 7 minutes on a high setting. The steam which it omits will make the microwave instantly easier to clean. To make it even more of a bargain, when it isn’t in use you can store it in the fridge with some lemon slices as a fridge deodoriser. What more could you want from a product that retails at around £7.99?

Mop Slippers

Who doesn’t love this idea?! Clean whilst you walk! I have to admit that they aren’t great for actually cleaning the floor but they are fantastic for drying after you have cleaned – just make sure you wear them over the top of your shoes or you will end up with rather damp feet. 

Also a great idea for a joke present, they cost around £1.20.


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  1. December 7, 2017 / 11:08 am

    Ohh! I love the look of that Heated airer….Genius! I could do with one of those especially at this time of year!
    hahaha! Those slippers are hilarious! x

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