A Review of the Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

A Review of the Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

Once upon a time, 10 years ago, when Grace was a baby, there was no stipulation about having your baby sleep in your room with you until they were 6 months old. The Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib hadn’t been thought of. From the outset Grace had her own room – apart from a little while when I moved in with my mum – and so it was natural that she had a standard cot. She transferred to a travel cot when she started headbanging – but that is another story.

The Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

I had my eye on a number of bedside cribs when I was pregnant, so, I was thrilled when Chicco offered me the chance to review their Next2Me Dream Crib. A chance to make the night feeds a little easier to manage. 

Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

Due to the layout of our room, there is not much space either side of our bed. Thankfully though, the Next2Me Dream crib fits snuggly next to my side of the bed and under the window, right next to the radiator (I have had to make sure I moderate the heat as the winter months approached).  It measures L 93 x W 69 x H 66/8cm (depending on which height you have adjusted to).

The Features

One Hand Side Panel

I have found this feature particularly useful. By using just one hand – which, when you have a baby in the other is essential! – you can easily lower the side of the crib. It means that you can choose between the side sleeping and stand alone feature on a night by night basis.

Super intuitive handle to change the configuration

I have found that, even whilst I am in bed, it makes lifting and lowering the side that much easier.

Rocking Mode

With Rex being a reflux baby, the rocking mode has been particularly important to me. I have often sat up during the nights rocking him and found it a godsend. It is also really easy to activate from fixed to rocking by using your foot on the switch at the bottom (this is not so easy given the limited space next to our bed!).

Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

It has wheels!

We have had to vary where we put the crib a couple of times due to Rex and his fractured sleep patterns. At one stage we had it at the bottom of our bed so we could both access him. It also meant that Ross could rock the crib with his foot! The fact that it has wheels has meant that we can move it around that much easier.

Fits all bed frames

One concern I did have was that we have a divan bed. Chicco have thankfully thought of everything though and, with the cribs folding feet, it means that you are easily able to attach it to fit all types of bed frames.

Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

Inclined to help 

The incline on this crib has been a blessing in disguise. The Chicco Next2Me Dream crib is great for a reflux baby. I had originally overlooked this until Rex was diagnosed with the condition. The crib not only has 4 different incline levels but also 11 different height levels meaning there will be something to suit everyone.

Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

Things to Note

  • The crib weighs 10kg
  • Approved for babies from 0 to 6 months old, weighing up to 9kg
  • The crib should only be used with the side lowered when it is fixed to the adult bed
  • Do not use rocking mode when in side sleeping configuration
  • Always ensure that the connection belts are correctly hooked and tightened with the crib fitting closely to the mattress of the adult bed when the product is used in “Side Sleeping Mode (attached to the bed)”. There should be no spaces between the crib and the adult mattress.

Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib

My Thoughts

Whilst Rex has not been brilliant at sleeping, and in this crib, it has been a complete saviour for us. The versatility has meant that we can try different configurations and positions to help solve the issues that Rex has been experiencing with his reflux.

To start with, when Rex was a newborn, I used the crib with a Sleepyhead pod which fitted easily into the body of the crib. It looked really comfy for him and was easy for me.

The rocking mechanism – and the fact that you can switch it on and off so easily – has been extremely helpful. This, together with the incline has meant that we can help ease the problems that Rex has had with reflux.

Our Video

Take a look at our video which shows Ross constructing the crib – and a very cute Rex laying in it!

Final Thoughts 

With Grace I was continually in and out of bed. Not so with Rex! The fact that I am now able to reach over and pick him up for a feed at night is great. I have to admit that I will be really sad when he grows out of this crib.

As an added extra, I think the beautiful subtle blue decoration really adds to the aesthetics of the crib and means it will look great in any room.

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The Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib retails at around £229 and you can find more details together with a store locator over on their website.

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Chicco for sending us this crib in return for this honest review. I also need to say a special thanks for their patience in waiting for this review to be completed. Please note that all words, images and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog. They have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Verily Victoria Vocalises.


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