5 Types of Shoes for Your Kids Wardrobe

5 Types of Shoes for Your Kids Wardrobe

It seems like parents are constantly buying new clothes and shoes to fit their growing kids. It isn’t always easy to find quality shoes that fit well. When you factor in the picky and ever-changing tastes of a child, the task becomes all the more challenging.

Kids these days are involved in a variety of things from school to sports to after school activities. They need shoes that can keep up with their demanding lifestyles and hobbies! Here is a list of five different types of shoes you should include in your kids wardrobe.

School Shoes

Back-to-school shopping means more than purchasing a new backpack and a lunch box. School shoes should be purchased each year if needed, and there are a lot of different options for finding the best fit for your child. Kids spend most of their day during the week at school so it’s essential they have the best shoe for the job.

Shoe fitting experts recommend choosing a shoe that is both supportive and leaves room for foot movement. Leaving a little bit of wiggle room in school shoes gives enough space for the foot to grow throughout the year and allows for optimal foot health. It is also worth choosing a shoe that is breathable as kids feet are especially prone to perspiration. Choose a natural material like canvas or leather which is able to breath. Consider your child’s school shoe to be one of the biggest and most important school year investments!

Formal Shoes

Your kids should also have a comfortable pair of formal shoes for special occasions. While school shoes are most likely to be used on a daily basis, formal shoes probably won’t get as much use. However, it is still important to select a quality, well-fitting shoe to prevent foot problems. Allow your child to have a say in the selection process to make sure they feel comfortable wearing these shoes to avoid a potential meltdown later.

Fun Shoes

Parents more than anyone know that kids can be temperamental. Some days, your kids might not want to leave their pyjamas. Others, they might want to wear their batman costume to the supermarket. Allow your kids to have a fun pair of shoes that suits their personality. This will let them feel autonomous over their personal fashion choices and give them a much-needed sense of personal style!

To ensure your child’s fun shoe is both comfortable and supporting, consider choosing a dance shoe. Dance shoes are designed for top performance, and they offer a balance of support and style. They come in a variety of fun styles so there is something for every budding fashion star! These hip hop shoes | shoes for hip hop dancing – Just For Kix promotes are perfect for adding variety to your child’s wardrobe! They will also serve double the purpose since they might inspire you child to take on dancing as his or her next sport activity.

Shopping for Kids’ Shoes

While you might love shopping for shoes, odds are your kids don’t feel the same. Unfortunately, they also outgrow shoes quickly making shoe shopping a frequent chore. You should periodically check your child’s shoes to assure they are still in working order.

When you go to the store to buy new shoes, always measure your child’s feet to ensure proper sizing. Keep in mind that both feet might not be the same size in which case always go with the larger size. Allowing your child to assist in choosing his or her own shoes is a great way to help them develop their own sense of style and personality. If your child feels confident and comfortable in their shoes, they’ll be more excited to wear them regularly!

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