The Conception Diaries – 35 Weeks Pregnant

The Conception Diaries – 35 Weeks Pregnant

Following my series on YouTube, The Conception Diaries and our attempts to get pregnant, our IVF baby is due in July 2017. My last update was at 34 weeks pregnant when I wrote about a very eventful week in and out of hospital – although if you thought that was busy, take a look at this week! 

I am now 35 weeks pregnant. As I type this, I have less than 29 days to go. According to our scan a couple of weeks ago, our boy weighed around 5lbs 7oz so, from the movements and the feel of things we definitely feel he has improved on this.

Tying up loose ends

With everything that had happened the previous week, I decided to make sure that I got round to packing at least some of my hospital bag. I had a couple of things on order which I needed to pick up from Boots but, on the whole, the majority was packed including everything for the baby. I also wanted to catch up with the washing and try and get the house in some sort of order.

The hospital 

On Tuesday afternoon we had to go back to the hospital to the drop-in clinic to check my urine and blood pressure again. I saw a midwife together with her student and they proficiently checked the baby. Because my blood pressure was high again and there was still protein in my urine they decided to send me up to the day care unit for further investigation. Thankfully, we had arranged for Grace to go to a friends after school as she had Brownies that evening. It was a good job we did as we only just got back home in time to pick her up. 

The day care unit gave us a room of our own and we thought we had a TV – although it didn’t work! They monitored both me and the baby over the time I was there. The baby seems to enjoy all the attention he gets on the CTG and kicks a lot! They continued to keep an eye on my blood pressure.  Eventually, the doctor came to check on me. they decided it was safe to send me home. 

A Quiet Day 

With Ross out at meetings all day and Grace at school, I had a lovely peaceful day. I nipped into town at lunchtime to pick up some food, post a Fathers Day card to my step-dad and pick up the items from Boots for my hospital bag. I spent some of the day sleeping and then, as Ross didn’t quite make it back in time, I dropped Grace off for her swimming lesson.


With the fact that I can hardly bend my legs anymore, this is so me right now!

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The hospital day unit 

On Friday morning we had another appointment in the day care unit with Rachel – one of the midwives we had come to know pretty well. She noted that my urine sample now had plus 2 of protein in it. I was put back on the CTG machine to monitor the baby and, with the fact that my blood pressure was up again, they decided to take more blood and another urine sample to send off for testing. I had also had blurred vision the day before which was another concern.

We were there for around 3 hours once again. The doctor came to check my vision and my reflexes. After a bit of a chat they decided to send me home with the instruction that, if there was a problem with the platelets in my blood, I was to come back again. 

At around 5.15pm, Rachel called to explain that my platelet level was down again to 111. She explained that if it went too low, it would mean it would stop my blood from clotting. Because it wasn’t in the danger zone, she gave me an appointment to come back again the following morning (yesterday) for more tests. 

A walk round Chard Reservoir

On Friday evening I was feeling a bit better. Because the weather was so good and because Grace wanted to take some photos for a photography competition, we decided to go for a walk around Chard Reservoir. I have to say that it was quite tiring but I really enjoyed. We picked up a Indian takeaway afterwards – something I have been craving for a while – and came home to watch some Gilmore Girls.

More tests 

Saturday morning and once again we were at the hospital. We went up to the day care unit and Ross and Grace had brought a book and activities given the times we had been there previously. I thought was pretty sensible of them! 

My urine still had plus 2 of protein in it and my blood pressure was slightly elevated. I had had a slight headache that morning and, once again, had been suffering with shortness of breath. They put me back on the CTG to monitor the baby and, after consultation with the doctor, they took blood once again. This was to be sent off with another urine sample as the one I had provided the previous day hadn’t come through with any results. 

They were on the fence about getting me to stay in but, eventually, agreed to let me go providing I came back if there was an issue with the platelets and if the level had dropped again.

Rachel mentioned to me that she had spoken to the doctor at length and the biggest concern at this stage was the early onset of HELLP syndrome. I have to admit to being extremely scared at this point and was trying hard not to get upset. This was mainly because Grace was with us and I needed to reassure her – far more important to me at this stage. 

We picked up some lunch and headed home. As soon as we got through the door, the phone was ringing. Rachel told me that my platelets had gone from 111 to 125. Good news! They would like me back again the following morning though as they wanted to monitor this really closely. I spent most of the afternoon sleeping as I was so exhausted.

35 weeks + 5 days bump

Sunday morning at the hospital

This morning we went back to the day care unit where we were seen by the midwife, Paula. She was a familiar face as she had done my anti-d injection and been on duty at a previous day care unit visit. 

I was once again hooked up to the CTG machine and my blood pressure was taken 3 times – first at 134 over 80 then 134 over 74 then 130 over 80. No blood taken today though! The baby was absolutely fine. Once again I provided a urine sample and the protein measured at plus two.  Paula explained that she wanted the doctor to speak to me but she had been called in to a c-section so she fetched me a small packed lunch and Ross and I a cup of tea whilst we waited. There was no one else there and it was rather peaceful.

The doctor came to see me. She explained that the blood pressure and bloods were OK but, because of the amount of protein in my urine sample provided by the lab results, it suggests that there is pressure being put on the kidneys now. The concern now is the amount of uric acid. They are worried the placenta may start to fail as well. With that in mind, I have to go for another blood test and blood pressure check tomorrow.

The doctor today told me that, if it were down to her, she would not let me go beyond 37 weeks – and she feels that may well be our consultant’s decision too.  Time will tell as we have a scan and then an appointment with her on Wednesday. At which point, it sounds like they are going to make a plan.

My thoughts and feelings

I have to say that the to and fro from the hospital is starting to take a bit of a toll. I am always tired, my legs feel huge and I am not quite sure where I stand. Saying all that, I am extremely grateful to all the staff at my maternity unit. They are caring, considerate and understanding and are certainly looking out for both mine and my baby’s health. I am scared but I am staying positive and have every confidence that they will do what is best. 

What’s Next?

Tomorrow morning we are back to the hospital. On Wednesday we have our 36 week scan and an appointment with the consultant. At which point, I expect a plan to be put in place for induction. I have a feeling that this won’t be going on much longer now! 

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    Oh dear! What a week! No wonder you’re tired of it all. It’s great that they’re caring for you so well. It sounds like there could be some baby news rather soon. Stay strong and look after yourself (well, get Ross and Grace to look after you!). x
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