Throwing a Children’s Garden Party

Throwing a Children’s Garden Party

Kids’ parties seem to be getting more and more elaborate, and, as a result- expensive. I’m not sure if this is down to children seeing and copying their peers and having higher expectations or and a sense of competition and pressure on parents, but whatever the reason, organising your son or daughter’s birthday party has for many of us become hard-work. With friends to play with, new toys to show off and lots of yummy food I think choosing a simpler setting for a birthday party can be a fantastic way to celebrate your little one’s birthday without spending a small fortune. If you have a child who is lucky enough to have a birthday in the spring or summer months (though kids can have fun outside whatever the season!), here are some tips on throwing an amazing Garden Party.


Decorations should double as having a practical use. It is wise to prepare for the worst (aka British weather), I’ve long been a fan of using garden sails in the garden as they work as both a rain cover and source of shade, plus they look really beautiful and could perhaps be worked into a nautical theme for the party. As a plus, they are fire retardant- should a barbecue make an appearance at the party. Alternatively, an outdoor garden tent can be a good use of materials to break up the space and provide an environment the kids will be able to interact with.


Kids are messy, thankfully with the party setting being a garden, you don’t have to worry about many potential disastrous spillage situations. That being said, you still want the food to be easy to eat- finger food is usually best. This means that you should mostly serve finger foods that your tiny guests will enjoy. Some fantastic ideas are hot dogs, cucumber and carrot sticks, deviled eggs, jam sandwiches cut up, and fresh fruit. And remember not to forget the cake! Your kid’s birthday party would not be complete without a cake- try to design a garden themed one, with plenty of floral designs or even an earthier, dirt and worm aesthetic (jelly worm and snails sweets are very effective).


Last, but not least, no kids’ birthday party can be complete without entertainment. When it comes to kids, it is best to keep it interactive, so that they are occupied at all times. What is better than getting the kids involved in plants by having them do some garden-related activities? For instance you can have the kids decorate their own plant pot, then let them choose a flower or vegetable that they want to plant in it. This is something that all the kids will enjoy!

Sometimes, simple is best, classic outdoor kids games are classics for a reason, and I think most parents will really appreciate seeing their kids running around outside, rather than stuck to a screen. Simple games such as hide and seek, tag or stuck in the mud are always a hit (perhaps a treasure hunt too!) If the weather means the plans have to change- let it happen and don’t panic, prepare a couple of alternative ideas and go with the flow! Kid’s birthdays can sometimes be a little more emotional for the parents than perhaps we first expected. Relax on a comfortable chair and enjoy watching your little one play and have a great time as these moments are very precious.


 Written in collaboration with Emily J

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