The Conception Diaries – 28 Weeks Pregnant

The Conception Diaries – 28 Weeks Pregnant

Following my series on YouTube, The Conception Diaries and our attempts to get pregnant, our IVF baby is due in July 2017. My last update was at 27 weeks pregnant when I wrote about lots of emotions, my anti-d injection and another trip to the midwife.

I am now 28 weeks pregnant. As I type this, I have just 79 days to go. Our boy weighs around 2.5lbs and is about the size of a large aubergine. One of the things I have been craving for a while is Salmon En Croute – but I haven’t been anywhere that I could find it. That was until Wednesday after Grace’s swimming lesson and a trip to Lidl. I found a very large Salmon Wellington with creamed spinach – and it was delicious! 

More sleepless nights for Ross

On Monday night I was back to my snoring ways I’m afraid – not that they had ever gone away, I think that they just got bad again. As a result, poor Ross went downstairs and came up at 4.30am whereupon I apparently yanked the covers off him in my sleep! Eventually I think he got to sleep around 5.30. The following night I insisted that I slept in the spare room as he was travelling to Wales on business and he finds that the bed in there hurts his back. I am fine on it though and I am pleased to say that I slept fine – although Ross was up again at 4am! I am pleased to say that it was nothing to do with me that time! 

A test for gestational diabetes 

From 9.30pm on Tuesday I had to fast and was only allowed to drink water then, on Wednesday I went to the doctors armed with my book, a magazine and my phone. This was due to the length of time I knew I was going to have to spend there. The nurse took me in around 9.40am and was absolutely lovely. She took some blood and then presented me with a glucose drink to have straight away and then a small glass of water to sip throughout my wait. I then had to sit in the waiting room for two hours. This was because they didn’t want me to venture off with the possibility I could collapse. 

A trip to A&E 

The following day started off fine. Ross was away and Grace went off to school so I sat down to work. However, all morning I had a funny pulsing feeling down low in my pelvis and near to my bladder. On top of that, I couldn’t really feel the baby moving. Ross arrived home from Reading and was in a lot of pain. He had previously been diagnosed with a gallstone and he reckoned this was giving him grief. He went straight to bed due to lack of sleep and slept for about 2 hours. I lay on the bed in the spare room and kept an eye on the baby’s movements. 

Just before Ross woke up, I rang the labour ward. I still had a few concerns and the midwife on duty advised me to come into the drop-in clinic at the hospital which was from 6 until 8pm. However, when Ross woke up, it was clear that we needed to go to A&E. He was doubled over in an immense amount of pain. Grace was due home from school and, as soon as she got in, we all got into the car to go to the hospital.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait forever for Ross to be seen. He went into triage first and then was hooked up to an ECG machine as well as having bloods taken. At around 5.40pm, following Ross’ insistence, Grace and I went over to sign in for the drop-in clinic for one of the midwives. There were already 4 people ahead of us. Ross joined us around half an hour later and, thankfully, it wasn’t pancreatitis which was the initial fear. Instead they found that the gallstone had blocked his gallbladder and caused biliary colic and gastritis. 

I then got called in by the midwife. She tested my urine, made sure my blood pressure was OK and checked the baby. All was fine. She thought that may be the baby was laying on a nerve which was the reason for the funny pulsing. I also got the result from the previous day’s diabetes test and all was well. 

After all the excitement, we finally got home around 7.30pm after picking up a well-earned takeaway! 

And relax…

With all the events of the previous day, we all decided to have an easy and straightforward Friday and are doing the same for the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend! 

28 weeks + 5 days bump

This week’s bump photo is one of my bare tummy. I have never forgotten how lucky we are throughout this pregnancy to have our little boy growing inside me – and I frequently remember the ladies I have met along our journey who are still experiencing difficulty conceiving. My heart goes out to them. 

What’s Next?

This week, I am hoping to go and see a friend who recently had a baby thanks to IVF, I also have my whooping cough injection booked for Thursday and then we have a friend coming to stay next weekend. I am also hoping to take delivery of our new crib. 

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