Money Collection Made Easy with Leetchi

Money Collection Made Easy with Leetchi

If you have ever been involved in a social group which includes money collection, then you will know how tricky it is – not only for collecting the money and keeping track of who has paid, but also having somewhere safe to keep it. I have experienced this issue on a number of occasions. Not only when I organised my mum’s 60th Birthday party 10 years ago, but also when I ran a social events club for our drama group. For this, I used to organise theatre trips which allowed for group discounts. Of course, this meant getting the money upfront to ensure that said discounts were in place! If only had been around back then! It would have made everything so much easier.

About Leetchi

If you haven’t heard of them, Leetchi is a leading European money collection platform with 6 million users. It is there to help make collecting money completely hassle free. As well as that, you can even raise money online for good causes or, if you have an exciting business venture or project that you want to raise money for, then Leetchi can also be used for crowd-funding


Setting up your money collection pot with Leetchi couldn’t be easier – or faster! All it takes is less than a minute to set up and then, all the people involved in your group, can donate the funds they owe in just one click. Plus, if you are fundraising then the integrated social sharing makes it straightforward to raise your profile.

How It Works


In order to open your new account, all you need to do is head over to the Leetchi site and set up your own personalised money pot. This provides you with a unique link which you can send to the group of people who are supposed to be contributing. The money they send is collected through a secure payment system and it shows the value of the pot as it increases.

Once all the of funds have been added, you can then either use it to purchase items from one of the partner sites – great if you are collecting for birthdays, people leaving work or baby showers – or you can have the money transferred to your choice of bank account for a 2.9%-4% transfer fee.

Any one adding money to the pot are able to include a message. These can be printed off and added to cards if you are collecting for gifts or are great for encouragement if you are fundraising.

The link can be shared via Facebook, Google + and Twitter and there is even an HTML code which can be used to embed a widget on your blog or website.


Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to use the Leetchi money collection platform, whether it be for birthdays, social events, clubs, trips, wedding presents or parties amongst many other things. As well as that, there is the fundraising and you can even browse the various charities if you want to find one that means something to you.

Collecting money from people isn’t easy – believe me, I’ve been there! But this is a great way to stay organised and keep tabs on who has paid!

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