Get Your Children Involved in the Decoration Process and Get Happy!

Get Your Children Involved in the Decoration Process and Get Happy!

A couple of years ago, Dulux came to our house to carry out a surprise make-over on Grace’s bedroom. A week or so prior to them coming, I had discussed the possibility of decorating her bedroom and had showed her a couple of options including the resulting mural, which she had decided on, and is still in place over two years on.

Dulux Designs on Delight!

Dulux have come up with a page on their site dedicated to Brilliant Bedrooms for Happy Kids. This includes a Summer Holiday Workbook and, with only a week or so left of the summer holidays and all of the ‘going out’ options most likely exhausted, then it would be a great time to follow this project and give your child’s bedroom a new lease of life before the back-to-school routine starts. Summer is the perfect time to get busy on something like this. It means that it will dry quicker(!) and with the lighter evenings and the fact that you can be a bit lenient on bedtimes, you will have a longer day to get things done.


A Positive Impact

Getting your kids involved in the decoration process not only means that you are doing something together, it also means that they are likely to be much happier with the end result and inclined to spend more time in a space that they have helped to create. Grace has loved her room ever since it was decorated in June 2014. She speaks to the sea creatures on her wall and even gave the 3 dolphins names! But don’t just take my word for it – research carried out by Dulux found that 92% of children say that they would spend more time in their bedrooms if they had helped to plan and decorate.  Added to that, there is also the important impact on your child’s growth. Dr Sam Wass, a leading developmental psychologist, says that it is vital to children’s development to let them help make decisions. He says “Children typically create little things, but the bedroom is the first real, permanent thing that they can influence. Involving a child helps them to establish their own inner space and the image that they want to project to others. And for parents, having a chance to work together with their children can really help to establish a stable, respectful relationship.”


Helpful Hints and Tips

Not sure where to start? Not only does the workbook that Dulux has created come in handy, they also have a number of other resources available to make the project go as smoothly as possible. There are details on how to create the following themes; Storybook, Jungle, Space, Underwater, Superhero, Sport and Circus.

But what if you and your children have no idea? Well, Dulux have an answer for that too in the form of the Dulux Kids’ Room Tool. All you need to do is ask your child to answer 3 simple questions and they will suggest a style that is perfect for them and their room. It just takes minutes and at the end they will tell you how to do it in an easy way with the biggest impact.

Finding the Right Paint

Dulux’s Endurance+ range is the perfect paint for a kid’s bedroom makeover – it’s 20 times stronger than normal emulsion, so when you’re tackling sticky fingers and mucky paws it’s a great solution, allowing you to wipe away the stain and not the paint underneath, meaning your walls stay as fresh as the day you painted them!


Still Not Sure?

If, after all of this, you are still struggling for inspiration, then Dulux have also come up with a series of YouTube videos showing suggestions and instructions on how to put your themed room together. My favourite has to be the Storybook Room – they even show you which colour paints you will need!


The next time we decide to update Grace’s room then I shall certainly be returning to the Dulux site to seek out inspiration, tips, hints and all the help they provide.

Post in collaboration with Dulux.

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  1. August 25, 2016 / 1:21 pm

    Victoria, my kids have been involved in the decorating choices of their bedrooms in our house that we have been renovating. Not only that, being teens they have also taken part in the decorating too. Mini Sheila is really good at getting nails/ tacks out of her floorboards!

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