Summer Dress Style from JD Williams

Summer Dress Style from JD Williams

I don’t know about you but one of the things I find the most difficult is working out what to pack for a summer holiday. Do I take something for every single day AND the evening? Do I need something smart to wear to dinner or will it just be day clothes? How much swimwear will I need? What if I don’t have the right footwear? And so, the questions continue. In the end, I start to worry and land up packing the majority of the wardrobe (much to Ross’ understandable disgust) and then I inevitably come home with a large amount not worn! Saves on the washing I guess!

The main issue is packing to holiday in this country. You can never tell just what the weather is going to do. If you are going abroad, however, it is far easier! Ross and I recently went to Alicante for a couple of nights. For a change, I was very sensible about what I packed and we just needed one small case as hand luggage between us. 

One of the things I will always make sure of – especially when visiting a hot country – is that I have a number of comfortable, light and floaty summer dresses. So, when JD Williams asked me to have a look through their site and pick out one that I liked, I armed myself with the task to find something that would suit me for all occasions. 

One of my favourite brands – for it’s quirky, different style – is Joe Browns and JD Williams stock a number of their dresses including this Floral Spring Dress. 


They say it is made for summer picnics on a warm afternoon and I can really see this. Definitely a vintage feel to it.

The next one I really liked is from Together and is an applique trim lace dress.It has keyhole and lace embellishment to the neckline and is perfect for holiday packing as there’s no need to iron! Sounds good to me!


But, in the end, it had to be a dress by Joanna Hope, exclusive to JD Williams and is a must-have for any transitional wardrobe.  It has a wrap bodice into empire-line seaming and panelled skirt, made of a jersey material and is so flattering.

Joanna Hope Dress
Photo taken by Grace on her own camera!

I wore this dress to photograph a wedding reception last weekend and I can’t tell you how comfortable it was! This is most definitely going to be a staple part of my holiday wardrobe.

Ross and I have always agreed that, for us, a dream holiday would be a cruise – and we are determined to go on one at some point – so I was interested to see that JD Williams had put together an infographic on how to pack for a cruise. I will most definitely need this when the time comes!

Cruise Packing Guide by

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