Sights in Flight

Sights in Flight

This week I have decided to go a bit different again. After learning a little bit more in Photoshop, I have merged some photographs together to through a different light on the subject of a seagull in flight.

Sights in Flight 2

The first image is combined of the two below:


The second is combined of the same seagull but the background is replaced with this photo:


I wasn’t sure which I liked better so I have put up both. I would really like to know which you prefer?

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    • May 16, 2016 / 8:59 pm

      Thank you so much Merlinda. I hope you get a chance to afford it soon – you would love it! xx
      Victoria recently posted..Sights in FlightMy Profile

  1. May 16, 2016 / 6:49 am

    Oh that’s so good and a brilliant effect. I love the seagull capture. You’ve got it so perfectly!

  2. May 15, 2016 / 11:00 pm

    My favourite is the first one. Thank you for breaking the photo down into its original components and showing us how you put it together under Photoshop. #mysundayphoto

    • May 16, 2016 / 12:05 pm

      Thank you Helena – hopefully I will be able to share a better tutorial soon! x
      Victoria recently posted..Sights in FlightMy Profile

  3. May 15, 2016 / 9:51 pm

    #1 for me but I can tell you’ve had lots of fun doing these! Well done πŸ™‚ xox

    • May 16, 2016 / 1:48 pm

      Thanks – I am moving towards that one! I really did πŸ™‚ x
      Victoria recently posted..Sights in FlightMy Profile

  4. May 15, 2016 / 4:42 pm

    That’s amazing! I would love to be able to do that. I prefer the one with the colourful sky, the bird stands our beautifully xx

  5. May 15, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    These are both incredible – it is a really difficult choice but I think the first one if my favourite – I just love it – the colour, everything.

  6. May 15, 2016 / 3:06 pm

    Wow Victoria! Both very cleverly created photos, but my favourite has to be the first one. I like the the way the pinkness of the sky seems to reflect on the gull too. Love it.

    Debbie recently posted..Butterflies Getting Jiggy With ItMy Profile

  7. May 15, 2016 / 1:53 pm

    The first one. I really liked it when I first saw it. I have had photoshop for years and would love to be able to “photshop” a photo. I tried for ages to combine 2 like you have but it just didn’t work. I am now expecting a blog post with you telling me how to do it πŸ™‚ #MySundayPhoto
    Bear and Cardigan recently posted..#MySundayPhoto Number 20My Profile

    • May 16, 2016 / 1:54 pm

      Thank you! I will be putting together a tutorial – hopefully this week x
      Victoria recently posted..Sights in FlightMy Profile

  8. May 15, 2016 / 1:20 pm

    I’m useless with photoshop but your pic looks fab. I love your original Seagull shot too


  9. May 15, 2016 / 11:09 am

    That’s amazing what a great shot. Very clever xx

  10. May 15, 2016 / 9:19 am

    It’s a hard choice but I think I would go for the first one. I love the colours in the background which make the seagull really stand out.

  11. May 15, 2016 / 9:00 am

    I personally love the first photo, the beautiful colour in the sky really lifts it

    Thank you for linking up

  12. May 15, 2016 / 8:54 am

    The first one looks more natural to me as if the sun has captured the gull and it really is flying over the water. When I first saw it I was ‘wow!’ The second one looks as if it has been added to the photo.

    Very creative πŸ™‚

    • May 16, 2016 / 5:29 pm

      Thank you Shaz – I am really pleased you like it. I was worried the first one looked like your opinion of the second! πŸ™‚ x
      Victoria recently posted..Sights in FlightMy Profile

  13. May 15, 2016 / 7:32 am

    You’ve done a fantastic job with them! It’s a tough choice, but I think I like the top one best!

  14. May 15, 2016 / 7:29 am

    I have worked for many years with PhotoShop and never think of doing anything with my own photos! I love your end result #MySundayPhoto

    • May 16, 2016 / 6:17 pm

      You really should! I am really enjoying it πŸ™‚ Thanks Jane x
      Victoria recently posted..Sights in FlightMy Profile

  15. May 15, 2016 / 6:56 am

    Yet another superb display of your photographic skills Victoria! Brilliant photos. Really must get to grips with Photoshop myself. #MySUndayPhoto

  16. May 15, 2016 / 6:55 am

    That’s really clever. I need to learn photoshop

  17. May 15, 2016 / 6:05 am

    How clever! The first one looks like it could be a postcard. #MySundayPhoto

  18. May 15, 2016 / 1:45 am

    The second one is fab. I think your experiments are brilliant and inspiring. You’re showing how photography is an art.
    Kriss MacDonald recently posted..A deer viewMy Profile

  19. May 15, 2016 / 1:10 am

    How clever; I prefer the second photo
    This really is putting my photo shop skills to shame!

  20. May 15, 2016 / 12:20 am

    I love the first one, the way the cloud mirrors the shape of the wing is awesome. I think I need photo shop!

  21. May 15, 2016 / 12:15 am

    The second one feels a bit more natural to me. I really must work on my Photoshop skills!

  22. May 15, 2016 / 12:08 am

    We like the first shot! Did you clip it around the seagull or just overlay the layer? Either way loving your photoshop skills! #MySundayPhoto xx
    Baby Isabella recently posted..Silent Sunday 15.05.16My Profile

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