The Portable North Pole Keeps the Magic Alive

The Portable North Pole Keeps the Magic Alive

As Grace gets older, each Christmas I start to fear the one where she is no longer a ‘believer’ – although I have to say that I still believe even now and I refuse not to! Somehow it takes the magic out of it all for me .

This year, however, she wrote a letter to Father Christmas and left it by the fire place on 1st December. He did take it and left a few chocolate coins in its wake. Then she has a visit to see him on Saturday at Wookey Hole with the Brownies and another one planned later in the month. In addition, I have it on good authority that she will be receiving a letter from him.

To top it all, of course, is our regular tradition that is the Portable North Pole. The fact that you are able to customise the message from the man in red makes it all the more special and with the premium video you are able to add in a little extra to give the message much more meaning.

I was given a Gold Pass to the PNP which includes the following:

Unlimited access to
-all 7 premium video storylines
-calls from Santa
-exclusive Christmas Eve video
-HD download

I was pleased to see two new scenarios this year – one was a visit to an Elf’s house and the other was to tour Santa’s post office. I found this one most appropriate as she was going to be receiving a letter.

Here is an idea of what you can expect from the Post Office video

I will also be personalising a special phone message for her and I also have created a birthday video for Grace again this year, as she turns 9 at the beginning of January.

One of the things that I love about the Gold pass this is year is that I can save the video in HD – something you had to pay extra for last year. I also get a copy of last year’s video.

You also now get a certificate with the video – which is something I am going to have delivered with Ellora, our Elf.

PNP Certificate

If you would like to make a purchase from the Portable North Pole then I am able to offer you a special 20% discount off any digital products from the PNP store this year. Simply enter:


when you reach the checkout.


Disclaimer: I was given a Gold Pass to PNP in return for this review, however all views and words remain my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. December 6, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    I love PNP something I’ve done ever since the boys were little. It’s a wonderful tradition & I like how they keep adding things each year x

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