A Video Review of Jade from the Study Abroad Bratz Doll Range

A Video Review of Jade from the Study Abroad Bratz Doll Range

It’s funny, you know. I didn’t know until I came to write this review how much more Grace knows about things like the latest dolls than I do. For example, she knew that there were 5 dolls in the Study Abroad Collection of Bratz dolls – Sasha, Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and new best friend Raya.

These iconic fashion dolls Bratz travel the globe in their Study Abroad range with their personalised suitcases, stylish outfits and international souvenirs. They also come with their own iconic lip-shaped comb – perfect for styling and braiding their luscious long hair!
If you collect all five dolls you can create unique worldwide outfits! There is Sasha’s Union Jack top and hat which you can add to Raya’s Spanish outfit for a ‘MEXILAND’ look, or mix and match Yasmin and Sasha’s accessories for an ‘ENGZIL’ feel. The international style options are endless!
Grace with her Jade Bratz Doll
With Cloe in China, Sasha in the UK, Raya in Mexico and Yasmin in Brazil, Grace was sent Jade in all her Russian finery.
Bratz Study Abroad Doll Jade comes with an embroidered zip-up top with tasseled trim, red floral print boots, yellow pleather mini, and an all-over faux fur hat. Also included is an additional 2-piece outfit with patterns inspired by her Russian adventures
Her silver purse, nesting dolls, and jewellry accessories fit inside of her blue luggage with telescoping handle. There is also a sticker sheet so you can decorate her luggage.
In total there are 14 accessories, including the iconic Bratz hairbrush.
I have to say that since changing the range and updating it (with far less make-up!) I think the dolls are so much more appealing.
Why not take a look at what Grace thinks over on her YouTube Channel
I think the word for the verdict is….COOL! Don’t you?!
Come back over to my blog on Monday when I will be giving you the chance to win 2 Bratz dolls from the snowkissed range.
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