A Review of the WWE Live Tour in Cardiff UK on 5th November 2015

A Review of the WWE Live Tour in Cardiff UK on 5th November 2015
It didn’t take a lot of convincing when I asked Ross and Grace if they would like tickets to the WWE Live Tour in Cardiff last week. Regular readers of my blog will know that Ross co-wrote ‘The Hardcore Truth’ with Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly. Ross has been a wrestling fan for a majority of his life and what he doesn’t know about this sport is not worth knowing! Of course, Ross’ influence has really rubbed off on Grace and you will see them sat shouting at the television on many an occasion.
We have taken Grace to a wrestling show previously. She was 5 years old at the time. She is now nearly 9 and we were surprised at how differently she reacted. She was also able to bring a friend and she chose a classmate whom she knew loved wrestling and would appreciate it. So, after school last Thursday we picked up Grace and Ben and made the journey over to Cardiff.
WWE Cardiff November 2015
We arrived in perfect time, just 10 minutes before the start, and we were really pleased with our seats. Next to us were Jo and her family who had won the tickets in the giveaway on my blog. I was so pleased. These people have been through some rough times recently and were very worthy winners.
At this point, I will pass you over to Ross. He has written the summation of each match below.
This was an enjoyable show although I didn’t really feel enough effort made to replace Seth Rollins who had been injured the previous day. I appreciate that this was a difficult situation but given that he was the top guy on the bill, replacing him with The Big Show (which is how they presented it despite Show having already been advertised) didn’t really feel good enough. They offered refunds during the first match but after driving a couple of hours with a couple of excited kids in tow, not an option!
WWE Cardiff November 2015 New Day

WWE Cardiff November 2015 New Day

Ric Flair came out to introduce the show and we launched straight into a table match between the Dudleys and New Day. The Dudleys triumphed in a fine short outing and Xavier took the plunge. 
The second match of the night was between Cesaro and Miz. Cesaro was probably the most popular guy of the night (it was a close call between him and Dolph Ziggler). There were plenty of Cesaro section signs. It was a really good match actually, my favourite of the night (and mine too – Vic). Cesaro did his famous swing and reached 31 seconds then performed a sharpshooter finish over the Miz.

WWE Cardiff November 2015 Cesaro versus The Miz

Miz then whined and R Truth came out and beat him in seconds. 
Next up was a diva match. This was Becky Lynch versus Bree Bella. I have to admit that it wasn’t that good. Becky seemed lost and her offense was weak, especially on the legdrops that weren’t even coming close to connecting. 
WWE Cardiff November 2015 Becky Lynch and Bree Bella

WWE Cardiff November 2015 Becky Lynch versus Bree Bella

The penultimate match before the break was Curtis Axel against Bo Dallas. Yep, you read that correctly and it was as rubbish as you’d expect. I can’t even remember how Axel won it was that forgettable! 
WWE Cardiff November 2015 Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze

WWE Cardiff November 2015 Dolph Ziggler versus Tyler Breeze

 In another great match of the evening Dolph Ziggler fought against Tyler Breeze and won against him with a superkick and zig zag. It was a long match but got very good towards the end. There was a great false finish with all the kids rushing to the barrier as Tyler kicked out of the first zig zag.
WWE Cardiff November 2015 Charlotte and Paige

WWE Cardiff November 2015 Charlotte versus Paige

After the break, Charlotte beat Paige via the Figure 8. Paige was cheered but they didn’t flip roles. It was better than the other women’s match but still lacklustre. I just can’t get into Paige, she seems so confused about who and what she is. The audience wasn’t that interested either.
WWE Cardiff November 2015 Finn Balor versus Sheamus

WWE Cardiff November 2015 Finn Balor versus Sheamus

The next match was Finn Balor versus Sheamus. Finn won with a sunset flip out of the high cross. The final five minutes was really good but the first 10 was pretty much a slaughter of Balor. Sheamus gave him nothing and the lack of hope spots made for a very subdued audience. At one point, Ben who was sitting next to me made a comment about this. There was a good cheer for the Balor win as nobody seemed to expect that. 
WWE Cardiff November 2015 Kane Versus The Big Show

WWE Cardiff November 2015 Kane versus The Big Show

The final match was Kane against The Big Show. Kane won in a street fight after a chokeslam off the top through a table. It was an insane bump for Show to take at his size and age. It was a dull match though and the crowd weren’t really feeling it. Tyler v Dolph would have better to close with. I have to add that there were ‘we want Cena/Cena sucks’ chants during the main event! 

Our Thoughts

Ross felt that it was enjoyable. There were great efforts by Cesaro, Miz and Dolph. He overheard a kid behind him saying to his parents ‘this is the best day of my life’. It was lovely to hear that these events can create that sort of feeling. 
I also have to say that I have never seen Grace so animated. She was standing up and chanting, shouting, cheering, screaming, booing and all sorts! She was even shouting out comments when the audience were quiet such was her enthusiasm. Ben definitely enjoyed it although he was a little shell-shocked as this was the first big event that he had ever been to.
Overall, I have to say that wrestling remains great family entertainment and we all agreed that we had a wonderful time.
 Disclosure: Thank you to the organisers of WWE for providing us with 4 tickets in return for this review. Please note that all words, images and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog and have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Verily Victoria Vocalises.
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