A Review of the Collins Big Cat Reading Lions Books and Collins Picture Atlas

A Review of the Collins Big Cat Reading Lions Books and Collins Picture Atlas

Having reviewed some Collins Learning Resources materials last summer, I was very pleased when they asked if they could send us their latest products in the Collins Range.

Grace has just finished Year 3 and, according to her school report, her reading fluency and comprehension have both improved and she enthusiastically participates in her guided reading sessions. Therefore, we felt that these books arrived at an opportune moment. On top of that, Grace is also taking part in the great summer reading challenge with our local library.

Collins Big Cat Reading Lions Level 5

We were sent both Level 5 and 6 of the Big Cat Reading Lions books. Both sets consist of 6 books; 3 fiction and 3 non-fiction in order to ensure that the children have a variety. Level 5 is to help encourage independent reading at home whilst level 6 is geared towards fluent reading at home.

On top of the Level 5 and 6 sets, we were also sent the Collins Picture Atlas, a colourful eye-catching book full of fabulous drawings and coupled with some colouring-in downloads.


Initially Collins established their levelled reading books for school use but now these books are available for parents to buy for the first time. Collins have developed these books to ensure that they help children with building their speaking, listening and reading skills and to help outside of school to help with their progression. I have found that this is completely the case when it comes to all 3 of these sets of books.

The titles in Level 5 include The Gargling Gorilla, Brother Aelred’s Feet, How to be a Roman in 21 Easy Stages, Great Expectations, Extreme Sports and My Olympic Story. Such a great variety. As are the titles in Level 6 which are Project Bright Spark, My Journey Across the Indian Ocean, I Have a Dream, The Hedgehog Mystery, The Traveller’s Guide to the Solar System and Michael Rosen: All About Me.

Collins Big Cat Reading Lions Level 6

The Collins Picture Atlas is a wealth of information all of it’s own. Inside children learn about countries and continents, and the people, animals and cultures that belong to them. The pictures are fantastic and I really found that they stoked Grace’s imagination (which is pretty big already!). On top of helping them with their knowledge of the world around them, it also helps children develop their reading skills. 

Take a look at Grace’s thoughts: 

Our family all agree that Collins have come up with a fabulous variety of a great range of books and feel certain that these will help boost Grace’s reading ability over the year to come.


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