SodaStream – taking the war out of water #watermadeexciting

SodaStream – taking the war out of water #watermadeexciting

IMG_0127When I was a kid a friend of mine had a SodaStream. I was SO jealous and bugged my Mum loads for one but she refused so I used to have to make do with visting my friend on a regular basis. Well, I only had to wait 32 years! Because now we have one!

A couple of weeks ago we were asked if we would like a SodaStream (too ruddy right we did!) in order to encourage Grace and the rest of the family to drink water. And do you know what? It has only gone and worked!

We have had so many issues with trying to get Grace to drink her bottle of water which she takes to school. She regularly comes back with it pretty much the same as when she left the house…well…that is until we got the SodaStream! Now I am pleased to say that it is now coming back empty (we did make sure that she wasn’t just pouring it down the sink, the little monkey!).


The SodaStream is a hit with me during the day. I top up a bottle in the evening after using it during dinner (more on that in a moment) and then place it in the fridge ready for the next morning when it is put on my desk.

Dinnertimes means that our intake of water has also improved and, as a treat, Grace (and Ross) is allowed some squash or Elderflower cordial to add to it.  We rarely have fizzy drinks in the house during the week and only buy the occasional bottle of Cola at the weekend so thankfully Grace is not addicted to them. Of course, it also means that fizzy water is looked upon as something special.


A recent study by SodaStream evealed that 45 per cent of UK parents don’t give their kids water at mealtimes. Almost half (48 per cent) stated the reason they choose not to serve water is to avoid the additional stress this would create at the dinner table.

The study also revealed that 55 per cent said it was because their children prefer to drink fruit juices, squash or fizzy drinks and that they find water boring, even though 70 per cent of those parents are aware of the high sugar content in such drinks.

The research also found that 45 per cent of parents admit their children don’t have the recommended daily intake of water, with one in 20 claiming that their kids drinks no water whatsoever.


However, the study of 2,000 parents revealed that a staggering 80 per cent want their kids to drink more water and will try tactics such as using novelty cups, straws and ice cubes and have even tried bribing them with treats or money. Researchers found that 45 per cent of parents suggested that one answer to persuading their kids to drink more water if it was fizzy.

This video gives an insight into the battles families deal with at mealtimes when serving water to their kids, and the response children give when presented with a SodaStream.

Thank you SodaStream for taking the war out of our water.

Disclosure: We were sent a SodaStream machine and some bottles of water (which were also drunk but mainly by me!) in return for this review. Please note that all opinions are our own and have not been influenced in any way.

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