A Review of the LightSleeper. Helping your child getting a better night’s sleep.

A Review of the LightSleeper. Helping your child getting a better night’s sleep.

SCXOYcioA lack of sleep can have serious effects on a child’s health from behaviour problems and mood swings to slower reaction times and lower concentration levels.

For many children and their parents, getting to sleep at night can be a daily battle that leads to increased stress levels in the family, but watching a soothing light circulating on the ceiling, could be the key to helping youngsters get the shut eye they need.

The LightSleeper product is a small device that projects a soothing light on the ceiling. The light moves in a circular motion above the bed, and for children struggling to snooze following the light with their eyes for a few minutes, will help them drift off.

When we were asked to review the LightSleeper, I was so pleased. Grace has never slept well. I have recently written about Grace’s sleep issues and, whilst a decent bed is important, they are other things which can help.

Grace already has a relaxation CD as she settles in for sleep but this clever little gadget seems to have made quite an impact. Here is her opinion:

A product designer with insomnia developed the natural sleep aid and, as Shaun Cobb from LightSleeper explains, it has a proven track record.

He said:

“By following the light the device projects onto the ceiling, it has the effect of relaxing the mind which is a necessary prerequisite to entering a deep, refreshing sleep.

“We’ve been testing LightSleeper in real situations for many months now and it has proven itself to be effective for adults and children, both in getting people to sleep in the first place, as well as helping them get back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night.”

Lightsleeper-bedroomLightSleeper works by relaxing the mind to prepare users to get to sleep easily so they can enjoy a more restful, refreshing night of sleep.

Dr Jennifer Parkin, a cognitive psychologist with a research background in the impact of the physical environment on productivity and wellbeing said:

“Sleep loss caused by difficulty dropping off to sleep can have a devastating impact on cognitive performance the following day, as well as affecting mood and wellbeing. If it happens night after night, it can also have a significant negative effect on long-term health.

“The reason LightSleeper is so effective is that it provides a focus for your thoughts, and is sufficiently engaging to stop your mind wandering as it doesn’t risk stimulating arousal centres in the brain that could prolong wakefulness.”

LightSleeper switches itself off after 30 minutes so not only is it energy efficient, but users won’t have to worry about turning it off, helping gain a natural sleep rhythm back. A quick tap will start the device up again.

It can be easily carried in a bag and taken on holiday and is rechargeable so doesn’t need to be plugged in. Grace loves it so much, we recently took it to Granny’s house when we stayed there the night.

LightSleeper is priced at £132 and is available at www.lightsleeper.co.uk with free delivery and a free 14-day home trial. For more information, visit the website or go to LightSleeper on Facebook or follow on Twitter @Light__Sleeper.

Disclosure: Grace and I were sent the LightSleeper for the purposes of this review, however, all opinions are our own and have not been influenced in any way.



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  1. November 26, 2014 / 7:16 pm

    This looks seriously amazing, it takes me ages to get to sleep. Will seriously consider giving this a try. Thanks for linking up to #YourYoutube hunny x

  2. November 23, 2014 / 11:12 am

    i need one for me!!

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