My Race for Life Experience, Thanks to Brioche Pasquier.

My Race for Life Experience, Thanks to Brioche Pasquier.

IMG_6662On Sunday July 13th I ran my first ever Race for Life. I completed the 5k at Vivary Park in Taunton in under an hour. This was all thanks to Brioche Pasquier, the French brioche baking company, who I have worked with previously. They chose me as a member of their Super Team.

Being a member of their team meant I got some personal trainer tips, my entry fee paid, £50 donation on my Just Giving page and a whole batch of Brioche Pasquier goodies to keep me fuelled up whilst training. They also sent me a t-shirt to wear on the day.

I have to admit to not doing a vast amount of training in the lead up to the race but the treadmill we bought on eBay definitely helped! I started to get up at 6.30am to ensure that I was ready to start the day following some exercise.

R4L 1

Running the Race for Life was important to me. Cancer Research is such an important cause. Cancer touches and affects so many peoples lives and, in particular, it has affected my Mum who, over the last 17 years has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. The second time was more aggressive and it meant she had to have a mastectomy. She is one heck of a brave woman and has never let it phase her, ever the upbeat, strong and loving lady that she is.


On the day, I had Ross and Grace with me as my supporters. We arrived at Vivary Park at 10am. It was easy to park in a side street and then we made our way over to the park with a sea of women dressed in pink.  We got to the main area where people were milling around looking at the stands.  They had created a t-shirt with the names of all the ladies taking part that day – they had spelled my surname wrong so I didn’t bother with that one! 

After the breakfast crew from the local Heart Radio had warmed up and encouraged the crowd with their banter, and we had had an exercise warm-up, we all lined up for our race. I decided to move toward the back as they had asked the walkers of the 5k to start there – although I was determined to run at least some of it. And I did! 


Crossing over the starting line, I saw Ross and Grace clapping and cheering me on and it felt great to know that they were there. Then we were off. I followed a path past a playground – and texted Ross to let him know! – and then entered a huge field which was sectioned out. 1k came and went quickly as did 3k. It was so heart-warming to look across this field of pink and see so many people running for such a worthy cause. Reading the signs on every one’s backs, stating why they were running was so encouraging. 

Once out of the field, we  followed the course back round past the main area and then into the gardens of the park. I really enjoyed this part and was taking it in turns to run and then do a fast-paced walk.  4k came and I knew it wouldn’t be much further until I passed the finish line. As I came towards it, I wanted to ensure that I finished the race, running. And I did. Ross and Grace were there to cheer me on as I ran past, through the finish line and out where I was presented with a chocolate chip brioche, a bottle of water and my medal. Which now has pride of place on my dressing table.

R4L 2

Ross and Grace were so congratulatory and happy for me and it felt brilliant to know that I had their complete and utter support.


I would like to thank every single person who has taken the time to sponsor me, your support has made this all worth it. I set a target of £200 (I hate bugging people for money!) and to date I have raised £259. And, if you would still like to sponsor me, it isn’t too late – sponsorship is open until 28th August. Just click on the Donate button below.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

With massive thanks to my fabulous sponsors Brioche Pasquier. I hope to be a member of your Super Team again next year.




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    August 18, 2014 / 11:36 pm

    Well done Vicky!!

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