The Seven Day Shoe Shuffle with La Redoute

The Seven Day Shoe Shuffle with La Redoute

IMG_6735Last week I considered myself extremely to be sent not one, not two not even six…but SEVEN pairs of beautiful sandals in seven fantastic colours thanks to La Redoute.  They also packed them in the most wonderful box decorated with Parisian images and metal handles. 

They knew that I was hot on colour when I wrote a post for La Redoute in a bid to become an ambassador for them back in April.  I wasn’t one of the chosen ones BUT they did like my post enough to tell me that they would like to work with me anyway. I was so chuffed! I think their fashion is beautiful and you can often catch me browsing at their website.

As they quite rightly told me, ‘if the shoe fits buy it in every colour!’ It was brilliant timing as I was just about to start searching for one pair to match several outfits – now I need concern myself no more.

So I decided to complete the seven day shoe shuffle and share it all on Instagram. You can find the photos with the hashtag #sevendaysofshoes but below I write in a little more detail about the shoe, the colour and the outfit I decided to match them with.

Day One: Monochrome Black


I don’t know about you, but I find that black can be a fairly monotonous colour if you are not careful. I decided to mix and match it with a black vest top and white skirt with black embroidery, the black sandals then complimented the outfit and kept the black, white, black theme running.

Day Two: Beautiful Beige


If I had had to choose one pair of sandals for the summer, it is likely that I would have gone for the beige. They are a colour that you can’t really go wrong with as they tend to suit pretty much everything…well, they do in my wardrobe anyway. I decided to wear them on the second day with a mottled print brown, beige and black dress to pick out the lighter colour of brown.

Day Three: Splendid Silver


Day three was a special occasion for me so what better to wear with my eBay bargain dress (a snip at £4.99) than the silver pair? With shades of silver running throughout the pattern of the dress and a beaded top around the bust-line which shimmered, I was more than happy with this pair which will become the special occasion sandal!

Day Four: Brilliant BlueIMG_6852

I have always loved blue and these sandals really are that ‘proper’ blue. Not wishy washy in the slightest. So, I needed to couple them with something that would bring out the colour so I chose to wear this mixed print blue dress with various shades of blue so there would be no mistaking the strength of colour in the sandals.

Day Five: Cute Coral


This pair had to be one of my favourite colours. I would never normally choose a shoe in coral but they really are beautiful. Really summery. They matched my smock top perfectly. I love the colours in this top and the shoes complimented it really well by bringing out the pattern coupled with the brown leggings.

Day Six: Fabulous Fuscia 

photo (18)

Fuscia pink is a statement! It is a colour that really stands out and, when I had to go off to host a quiz on Monday evening, I needed to look smart but comfortable. I knew I was going to wear this great skater dress as it is simple yet classy and very easy to wear and when I saw that the shoes really finished off the dress I was thrilled – no more black accessories for this one! 

Day Seven: Emerald Green Gorgeousness

photo (19)

I thought that the emerald green might be the trickiest colour for me to match but not so! Not only is this one of the most perfect colours to perk up a black outfit, I found it matched perfectly with a number of items in my wardrobe including  this multi-print maxi dress (a dress that will probably match all seven pairs!). The sandals pick out the colours really well.

So, there you have it. Seven days of colour. But what about the sandal design and fit?

324452015_1_CO_2_324452015-ef8c98e4-0e65-4607-8206-338a2b77d990 (1)Well, I love the little jewels which add to the effect of the shoe meaning that they suit all occasions. They are thin and light – as you can see from the photo above – which makes them easy to pack for a summer holiday.  They are also extremely comfortable because it feels like you practically have nothing on your feet.

I notice that they are now in the sale over on the La Redoute website. I wholeheartedly recommend them as a staple for your summer wardrobe.

You can find La Redoute on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: I was sent the sandals and box from La Redoute in return for this review, however, all words and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. Laura
    August 9, 2014 / 11:27 pm

    Oh wow how amazing is that – 7 pairs of sandals and in such pretty colours and oh how cute is the Parisian box? Really love all the looks you paired them up with, especially the Brilliant Blue outfit.
    Hope you can join in again this sunday

    Laura x

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