Gone Crabbing. A pop-up book review.

Gone Crabbing. A pop-up book review.

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One of my complete loves in life is a book. When Grace was much smaller, this was the one thing I was always striving to find. A good book with colourful pictures and a decent storyline. I remember being excited by pop-up books as a child which had you interacting, pulling the tabs and turning the dials.  Grace is the same.


Recently, another was brought to my attention in the form of ‘Gone Crabbing’. Beautifully illustrated and brought to life by a series of delightful pop-ups, the underlying message in the book is a serious one. Thousands of families enjoy crabbing and rock pooling up-and-down the UK during the summer. However, it’s important to limit the number of sea creatures collected at any one time and to ensure the water is kept cool. And, just as the children in the story do, they should be returned as close to where they were found as possible.

The story is about Colin the Crab, Sally the Starfish and Mike the Mussel. They are happily living in a rock pool until one summer’s day when a couple of children who are on an adventure, scoop Sally and Mike up into a bucket. Colin recovers from the shock ready to go off and find it friends but the children return them to their rightful home before they head off for the day.


 Susie Mason launched Gone Crabbing in 2008 and was inspired by the British coastline.  She has created a whole range of gifts and clothing which embrace her love of the seaside and has a fabulous imagination. Colin the Crab is her logo and other characters include Steve the Seagull and Shawn the Prawn.

When creating Colin’s pop-up book, she enlisted the help of renowed illustrator Robert Crowther who attended the Royal College of Art. He designed his first pop-up book when he was still a  graphic design student. It took five years and he finally found a publisher in 1978. The Most Amazing Hide-and-Seek Alphabet Book is still in print today.


To compliment the book, there is the most amazing range of clothing, stationary, kitchen, bathroom and, of course, beach items.
The book itself is beautiful and is perfect for this time of year. Full of colourful pictures, great pop-ups and a lovely storyline. What I really like is that it is suitable for both younger and older children. The younger ones because you can read it to them, the older because they can read it themselves.
With an RRP of £7.99, the story of Colin the Crab is the perfect summer tale. It can be bought online at www.gonecrabbing.co.uk as well as in GONE CRABBING stockists throughout the UK.
Disclaimer: We were sent ‘Gone Crabbing’, a Colin the Crab mug and soap in return for this review, however, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.
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