Holidays. Some of the Best Memories You’ll Ever Make.

183687_10150143910032664_2279586_nAs I look back over my life so far, some of my most prominent memories are of my holidays – where I went and how I spent them. Memories shape and form your life and are the baggage that you can carry with you without clogging up your living space!

As a child I can remember going to Westgate-on-Sea and staying at ‘Uncle Berts’. He wasn’t our real Uncle I hasten to add. He owned a hotel and during the week he put on a disco for the kids and made ‘Uncle Bert’ specials – a drink of lemonade with Ribena in and an umbrella and cherry on a stick! If we went out for the day we could order a packed lunch and one year when we arrived I was very ill and I remember him and his wife being very kind to me.

I can also remember holidays to Bournemouth and an eventful time at the Savoy Hotel where the fire alarm went off at 4.30am. We all traipsed into the hotel gardens in just our night clothes! It was, of course, a false alarm (thankfully!) and the guests seemed to make a big joke of it – despite the fact that I was an embarrassed 13 year old in my nightie, I saw the funny side! There were holidays on the Isle of Wight and one year we all managed to get to go on holiday abroad to Tenerife. My Dad had made good money that year and it was a big treat for us as it was quite a feat – and an expense – trying to go on holiday with 7 children!

As I got older I was so lucky to continue going to lovely places which included Disney World in Florida, the Bahamas, San Francisco, Buffalo in the USA including a trip to Niagra Falls, Daytona Beach, Lanzarote, the beautiful island of Madeira and, one of my favourite places, Italy.

33651_473474472663_6528542_nWhen I decided on a trip to Italy, I was single so a friend and I agreed to go together. We booked to stay in Rimini but we were lucky enough to go for day trips to Florence, Rome and – my favourite – Venice. I would so love to go back there one day to visit them properly but again, these are such fantastic memories I continue to carry with me.

Now Grace has started to form holiday memories too.

I have already shared our trip to Disneyland Paris in photos on my blog and you can see the post here but this is one of Grace’s fondest and most memorable memories. This meant so much to me as, at the time, I was single and bought it as a reward for me and her after I won a very difficult court case which I acted for myself on.

We also paid a visit to Eygpt. This is the other distinct memory Grace has from when she was younger. It was her first Summer Sun holiday and her first – and, so far, only – trip on an aeroplane. She had such a wonderful time riding camels, going on a submarine and drinking eygptian tea in the desert before star-gazing. She distinctly remembers seeing dophins on a boat trip and she often asks if we can go back one day and take Ross with us this time!


Ross and I have been together almost 3 years. Grace was 4 years old when we met and, over the couple of years we have been together we have started making more memories to treasure together. We often say how happy we are that Grace probably won’t really remember a time without Ross around.

The three of us have shared some holidays together including a trip to France this year. We were rather disappointed with it if I’m honest but we did get the chance to experience a lodge on the water! You can see the video here.  We recall our visits to Center Parcs fondly BUT there is one thing that we haven’t experienced together…the three of us…yet….and that is a beach holiday.

Our idea of a perfect beach holiday is some relaxation intermingled with activities. As much as Ross, Grace and I like to relax by the pool we LOVE having something to do – activities to keep us busy, help occupy us and ensure that we learn a new skill or brush up on ones we already have and that is where Mark Warner holidays come in.

Ross and I work hard all year round. For example – and this is how hard Ross works – I didn’t see him last weekend, I won’t be seeing him much this weekend either, nor the one after. He is away working so that we can afford Christmas. There is no way we could afford to go abroad. We would have to save long and hard to get there.

We would love to become one of the Mark Warner families for next year, making me a #MarkWarnerMum and Ross a #MarkWarnerDad – and not leaving Grace out here – a #MarkWarnerKid! We also hope to add another #MarkWarnerKid to the mix in the near future too!

You may wonder why we wouldn’t choose a Ski Holiday? Well, as much as I would love to learn to ski, and go and experience a hot chocolate on the slopes, Ross has a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and a partially torn medial meniscus. For the less medically-educated amongst you, he has a knackered knee! So this is off the cards for us sadly 🙁

But the Summer Holiday option would suit us down to the ground. One of our life goals is to own a boat so that is where the sailing tuition comes in handy – we would LOVE the opportunity to learn to sail so that we can join Ross’ parents at Portland Marina. Grace loves making new friends and enjoys a bit of quality time away from the parents so she would make the most of the kids club whilst Ross and I would have to ‘put up’ with a spot of golf or a spa treatment! We could all play tennis or go biking together and then, spend some quality time on the beach or by the pool having some fun. The perfect holiday all rolled into one.

I thought I would finish my post, in traditional Victoria way, with a poem:

Holiday memories are number one
With summer sun and so much fun
The things we did, the times we had
Adventures for kids – and Mum and Dad
Times that we will always treasure
As make holiday memories together

©Victoria Welton 4th December 2013

So Mark Warner, we would love to become one of your Blogger Families. It would mean quality time together for our little family and help us to make more of those precious memories that we can look back on, and re-live, over the years.


There’s still time to enter to become a Mark Warner Blogger Family! You can find the details here.

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  1. August 3, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    Just had to comment and say that I used to stay at “Uncle Bert’s” hotel too!

    Very fond childhood memories in Westgate-on-Sea as a youngster in the 70s. I remember the discos (putting kids to bed was part of the conga at the end), glacé cherries on cocktail sticks in lemonade, a green gurgling jug in the shape of a fish, high tea in the hotel complete with little presents for kids (balsa wood aeroplanes with rubber band propellers were a favourite), and so on. Happy days 🙂

    (And congratulations on your rather more recent news).
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