NaPoWriMo Day 2 – The Main Attraction

Here we are on Day 2. I was so inspired by finding out that it was NaPoWriMo that I couldn’t sleep last night and was writing poetry at 12.30am so I believe it does count as day two. As it turned out, Ross couldn’t sleep either – you can probably guess that from the poem!

The Main Attraction

Lying there with so much distraction

No clue he is the main attraction

Irritated with the world to such a high

He says it all with one big sigh

Relax, I say, don’t be uptight

Or sleep will evade you for tonight

But I can’t, he says, can no one see

I’ve so much to say, please listen to me

Calm down, I respond, just bide your time

The others, they haven’t committed a crime

He comes back to me, how do you know?

I say that big trees from acorns grow

One day they will see what a talent you are

Keep trying babe, you will go so far


© Victoria Welton 2nd April 2013

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