Riding the Blinds – a review of Peter Cox’s latest album

Fulfilling a lifetime ambition – meeting Peter Cox in May 2010.

In 1985 two guys came into my life. Those two guys were Peter Cox and Richard Drummie, collectively known as Go West. Little did I know then that a keen interest in their music would stay with me all these years. But with a voice as good as Peter’s and a musical talent like Richard, how could they not?

In 1997 , Peter branched out on his own and released his first self-entitled album. Of course, I was concerned that it spelt the end of Go West (which of course it wasn’t!) but was happy that Peter was still making music – and he didn’t disappoint – it was just as good as Go West’s albums!

Anyway, I could wax lyrical about Go West all day! A couple of weeks ago I had promised myself that if I won a well-paid acting job that I was up for that I would go to Pledgemusic and pledge for Peter’s new album together with two tickets to the Pledgers only concert on 14th December at High Barn, Essex (I checked with Ross first to make sure he would come with me!). I didn’t get the job and, in turn, didn’t get the tickets.

A couple of weeks later I was having a bad day. I pulled up to wait for Grace to come out of school. I checked my emails and there was one from Ross via Pledgemusic. Along with a beautiful message, he had pledged for the album and two tickets to the concert. To say I was over the moon is an understatement. I am not ashamed to say I shed a few tears of joy.

…and then the rest of my lifetime ambition – meeting Richard as well!

So, yesterday at 6pm, ‘Riding the Blinds’ became available for download. Ross and I did what we always do when we want to listen to good music. We went on a road trip. To Henley and back to savour 40 minutes of Peter’s work. And what great work it is! He has not disappointed.There are 12 tracks which are listed as follows:

1. Missing You   2. I Don’t Wanna Know  3. Both Hands on the Wheel  4. Lay It Down  5. Feel the Heat  6. Love Lives On  7. Down to the River      8. I Can’t Stand to Say Goodbye   9. Dashboard Lights  10. Not in my Name  11. Broken Back Road  12. Long Way to New Orleans

Peter certainly has his own inimitable style. He constantly delivers with key changes and high and low notes. If I had to compare his style to anyone – and as a member of the ‘Faithful’ I hate to do this! – his album has strains of The Eagles and Dire Straits. I said to Ross in the car last night that the album would certainly suit the American Country market but we decided it was English Country!

So which tracks are emerging as the starting favourites? Well, after listening to the album five times(!), I have four. The uptempo ‘Down to the River’ is a real foot-tapper,  ‘Both Hands on the Wheel’ is a fantastic driving song, the beautiful ‘Love Lives On’ and ‘Lay it Down’ which has also emerged as Ross’ front runner at this stage. Saying all this, there is not one dud song amongst them. It is superbly constructed, well put together and – a real must for me – the lyrics are wonderfully written. This album is going to stay in my car for some time to come. Grace will be learning the songs in no time, of that I have no doubt!

Next on the Agenda? Well, in the next four months Ross and I are seeing 3 of our musical favourites in concert.  Seal kicks it off on Tuesday, then Peter Cox on 14th December and Train in February next year. Watch this blog for my opinions.





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