Peppa Pig World Open Two New Rides in May 2018

Peppa Pig World Open Two New Rides in May 2018

When Grace was small and Ross had become a permanent fixture in both of our lives, one of the first places we went as a new family was Peppa Pig World. I will never forget the fact that it was a typical British weather kind of day – i.e. chucking it down! Thankfully, the kind people at Paultons Park gave us tickets to return and we experienced the park in slightly warmer, dryer temperatures.

Fast forward 6 years and we once again have a small Peppa Pig fan. Rex has got to know Peppa through two books; the first is his favourite ‘Stomp and Roar’, the second is one Granny bought him called ‘The Fire Engine’. The show has once again become a firm favourite on our television and I have most certainly got a newfound love for it’s tongue-in-cheek humour for the grown-ups!

Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World has become bigger since our first visit and they have now introduced two new rides – both of which open to the public on Wednesday 16th May 2018. We were lucky enough to be invited to be one of the first families to ride them last weekend.

Paultons Park is the home of Peppa Pig World, and TripAdvisor has awarded them best UK amusement park twice since opening in 2011. Extensive planning has gone into the creative development of the new area which not only offers two new rides but also an additional catering outlet, ‘The Queen’s Kitchen’ and a dedicated baby care centre – which Rex and I tested out and I can safely say is fab!

Including the two new rides, there are now a total of nine rides, as well as the indoor play area, water splash area, and the largest Peppa Pig merchandise shop in the world! You can also visit Peppa and her family in the hilltop house as well as see countless other characters from the show dotted around the park.

The Queens Flying Coach Ride

The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride takes families on a little tour and gives you a birds eye view of the newly extended area of Peppa Pig World. From there, Rex and I agreed you could see ‘all over the world!’. You sit in individual coaches which travel around a monorail from the top of the Queen’s castle. It stands 10 metres tall and you access and exit the ride via some steps inside the castle. I couldn’t see a disabled access so I am not certain how that would work.

Our family rode the Coach Ride and you can see much more of it in our video below:

Grampy Rabbits Sailing Club

Grampy Rabbits Sailing Club is a serene water ride which meanders around the area underneath the Flying Coach Ride. It takes you on a trip past various scenes of Peppa Pig characters as well as through the Queens Castle where there is a very posh chandelier and beautiful purple carpet. Eventually you happen upon Pirate Island where Peppa and her friends seem to be stranded whilst Grandpa Pig is seen snoozing on his boat!

I was pleased to see that there wasn’t an age restriction for either ride and it was no issue for us to take a 10 month old Rex on board.

Other New Facilities

We didn’t test the food at The Queen’s Kitchen so I cannot comment on that one, but we did use the new baby care centre where they are plenty of baby change units and enough space for a number of pushchairs as well as two toilet cubicles both with children’s toilet seats incorporated onto a full sized toilet bowl. In fact, I was pleased to see that this seemed the norm around both Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park. Very impressive.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we had another wonderful day at Peppa Pig World. Rex was full of adoration for the characters that he met and we were suitably impressed with a theme park which catered for the young and the young at heart. Well done to everyone involved. We are looking forward to quite a few more visits before Rex gets too big for the World of Peppa Pig.


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