Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Tweens

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Tweens

I have to admit that Grace is getting to an age now where she is getting more tricky to buy for. The man in red is no longer a mystery to her (to my dismay, she guessed that one earlier in the year) and she no longer wants ‘childish’ toys. So, what do I get her? Well, I’ve put on my thinking cap and come up with a few rather different ideas for presents and stocking fillers.

Amazing Magazine Subscription 

amazing magazine

Amazing! Magazine was launched in 2014, with the sole aim to make learning fun for children. Aimed at both boys and girls aged 6-11, each issue of Amazing! is focused around a fascinating theme, such as The Stone Age, Super Planets, Deadly Creatures and Victorian Britain. Inside, the magazine covers core Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculum subjects, including maths, English, history, geography and PSHE (personal, social and health education).

With a bright, colourful and bold design, the pages are bursting with fantastic facts, cool puzzles, fun activities and super stories, which will keep your child entertained for hours. And the best thing is they’ll be learning lots of amazing information to help them with their schoolwork without even realising it. Great as a gift which keeps on giving throughout the year.

The Science of Candles

The Science of Candles

We are a definitely a household who love a scented candle. Couple that with the fact that Grace loves crafty things and making things which are useful. That makes the Science of Candles a great gift. The box includes the science of candles book and shows you how they are made whilst experimenting in how to make them. You can also learn how to make water balloon candles amongst other things. The box includes up to 8 experiments and has a 32 page educational book.

Petite Ferdinand Lunchbox 

Petite Ferdinand Lunchbox

Petite Ferdinand has created the perfect lunch box for children that you can fully customise. It has a capacity of 1000ml.  It has 2 removable small containers and an intermediate inner box which means that you can use it for Bento lunches. In order to keep the food cool for a few hours, there is an ice pack that you can put in the freezer which sits under the intermediate box.

The lunch box is also micro-wave safe so that you can easily heat up your food! The great thing about Petite Ferdinand is that you can customise your own lunch box. Grace has already chosen hers and opted for the skull decoration with her name on the front. You can also choose which colour lunch box you want together with your choice of font.Your children can take these lunch boxes everywhere: school trips, picnics, at the beach… and to all of their favourite extracurricular activities!

There are 28 beautiful themes including unicorn, football, princess, skate, street, mermaid.

Vitamin Drinks

Get More Vitamin Drinks

It may sound a bit strange but these drinks make a fantastic stocking filler! They are not only tasty and great for drinking at home or out and about but on top of this, they are good for you! There are 5 different flavours, each of which offer you a different nutritional benefit. 

There is the multivitamin Lemon and Lime, Vitamin A blackcurrant and blueberry, Vitamin B Apple and Raspberry, Vitamin C Orange and Vitamin D Mango and Passion Fruit. A great gift which doesn’t take up any room and good for you too. 

Slime Factory Kit

Slime Factory

Slime is a massive thing in Grace’s life right now – and it pretty much all she has on her Christmas list! She is obsessed with making it, poking it and prodding it. It also seems to be one of the longer fads she has gone through.

Science4You make a fantastic Slippery Slugs Slime Factory Kit which is also an educational science and STEM toy. This is right up Grace’s street – not only for the slime but for the science too. It also includes:

  • 36-page coloured book providing detailed instructions and scientific information.
  • Age:8+
  • Find out how to create fantastic slippery monsters and silly balls
  • Find out what viscosity is and how the gelling process is done
  • Find out what atoms and molecules are


Net Squishy

Some things in a child’s life really do come around again. Funnily enough, Grace had one of these exact squishys which she was about 4. She has now asked for another one for Christmas and I have no hesitation in agreeing! Playing with a squishy is the same as playing with a stress ball. With this you simply squeeze the mesh ball to help get some frustration out. I think I might be borrowing it off of her on a regular basis! 


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