Pop Up Screens ‘Cinema in the Snow’ for Christmas 2017

Pop Up Screens ‘Cinema in the Snow’ for Christmas 2017

I don’t know about you but I love a great Christmas film and, lets face it, there are plenty of them out there. It is tradition for us to sit down during December and watch at least 4 of the best.  However, there is another way to watch your festive favourites this year. Venture out to the Hackney Showroom in East London for a festive screening in the iconic Pop Up Screens’ Christmas Grotto. 

Who are Pop Up Screens? 

Pop Up Screens are the people who provide great cinema experiences to moviegoers. They bring well known, classic movies to cool locations. Over the summer they show their films outdoors and then in the winter they offer a more immersive cinema experience.

Pop Up Screens have been running for five years. They have come up with some innovative ideas, not least this year! 

What is involved in their ‘Cinema in the Snow’ Experience?

During the Christmas period from the 8th- 24th December they are bringing their cinema experience to the Hackney Showroom in East London. Doors are done away with and instead the audience will enter through a magical wardrobe and arrive in a winter wonderland lined with fir trees, dusted with snow.

Once inside, audiences can expect to find popcorn from Drum and Kernel. You will also find handmade brownies, craft beer, pimped hot chocolate and lovely festive mulled wine. Pop Up Screens founder David Leydon said:

“Christmas is our chance to do something special and to build an experience for our audience. When you were 5, you wanted to climb into your wardrobe and find something amazing at the back of it – now you finally can!”

Sounds perfectly festive to me! 

Which films are they showing?

Classics include The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Home Alone, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf and, my absolute favourite, A Muppet Christmas Carol (I am rather envious of my sister who is off to see this next week!). There will be more recent films too including La La Land, Harry Potter, White Christmas, Sleepless in Seattle and Disney’s hugely popular Frozen.

To find out more, including the viewing schedule and to book tickets, nip over to their website.

Children’s ticket prices start from £10 and adults from £20.

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