The ROXI Electric Jukebox Review PLUS WIN a ROXI worth £199

The ROXI Electric Jukebox Review PLUS WIN a ROXI worth £199

We are big music lovers in this family. When I say big, I mean HUGE, MASSIVE, ENORMOUS, COLOSSAL and any other large words you care to imagine. So, when I was approached to review the Roxi Electric Jukebox, I knew it would go down a storm in our family.

About the ROXI Electric Jukebox

ROXI has to be one of the easiest gadgets to set up ever. It works through your family’s TV set and provides you all with a music experience which can either be shared or edited to suit your individual tastes. All you need is an HDMI socket in your TV and a power point nearby. You simply plug the HDMI cable into the ROXI box at one end and the TV at the other. Then you plug the ROXI box in at the mains. Once this is done, select the correct channel and find your WiFi in order to access your music. Once this is done, you are ready to go! 

Included is a motion sensitive controller with built-in microphone for voice control and karaoke. It doesn’t need batteries – all you need to do to charge it is hook it up to a USB port. This controller works on the TV in the same way as a mouse does on your computer. There is a little arrow which is guided around the screen using the controller to select your options. It can be very sensitive and takes some getting used to – but I love the fact that this is your microphone too.

When you access your settings you have a number of options. Here is where you can change your Wi-Fi option. You also have something called Family Protect. This is a feature which switches off access to all explicit music on ROXI at the touch of a button. 

There are 5 music entertainment products with endless possibilities. 

Music Streaming

The first is the ability to stream music. You have unlimited access to tens of millions of songs from all the major labels as well as many of the independents. It is updated weekly with the latest releases and you will find hundreds of different playlists which have already been put together – not just by the Electric Jukebox team but also by artists such as Robbie Williams, Alesha Dixon and Stephen Fry.

Playlists include different genres and moods as well as kids songs and party classics plus Christmas! Or you can search for specific songs. This option is fantastic because you can either speak into the microphone to find your choice or by typing the artist’s name or song.

On top of all of this you have free rein to create your own playlists meaning you will always get the songs you choose – rather than someone else’s preferences. 


With the Karaoke option you can join in with thousands of anthems from many of your favourite artists. This is something that we all love as a family – and Rex seems to enjoy us singing to him too! 

You can either select the options they provide you with such as classic tunes and modern masters or you can search for your pick of song in the same way you do when music streaming. 

On the whole, the songs you select will mean you are singing along with the artist but there are karaoke tracks available too.

Worldwide Radio

There have been a number of times in my life where I have listened to foreign radio stations and discovered new artists which I love – and then, some of them caught on here. These include Train, Hootie and the Blowfish and Matchbox Twenty. I am looking forward to the potential of finding more thanks to this option.

They have all your favourite UK channels included as well as access to every radio station on the planet from countries such as France and the USA, plus you can search via genre.

Music Games

One of things that Ross and I have always had in common is our love of music and, with Grace joining us on this, the ‘Name that Tune’ section has quickly become a big hit in this house.

The intro to a song plays and you have a multiple choice option to select the correct song and artist. You can test your knowledge across 80’s, 90’s, rock, pop, classical, kids and more. There are settings for everyone from music experts to children.

Sound Machine

The sound machine is perfect for Rex! We regularly play white noise such as rain or a seashore at night so this will help us during the day when he is downstairs sleeping. On top of that it is great for yoga and meditation if you are looking for ways to relax.

Anything else you need to know?

When you purchase the ROXI Electric Jukebox, you receive a years subscription to all the music you can access. After this, it is £52 per year.

The leads aren’t that long so you may need an extension cable to be able to plug the ROXI in at the mains. 

The controller can be very sensitive so you need a steady hand.

Why we love the ROXI Electric Jukebox


‘The ROXI is really good and useful. There are some songs which aren’t on it which I would like such as things by Pink and ‘Rain’ by The Script. But I will use it a lot as will my dad because it will help him practice song words for his band.’


‘The fact that it is tremendously easy to quickly find karaoke versions of so many songs with accurate lyrics is going to be hugely useful when learning new songs for my band. Plus, I tried search for a couple of the lesser known musical acts I enjoy and was delighted to find an admirable collection of songs.’


As I stated above, the ROXI is perfect for Rex for his daytime naps using the Sound Machine. On top of this, he loves any type of music – and any of us singing to him. It generally stops him quiet and grabs his attention.


Music has always been my first love. Right back to the days when I was 7 years old and used to get Smash Hits magazine, to me writing my own lyrics, right up to the present day when I listen to it to relax and even made my own playlist when I went into labour. The ROXI is my perfect gadget and I shall be using it for a long time to come.

As you can see, the ROXI Electric Jukebox is a big hit with our family. I am sure it will be with yours too. The ROXI is available in Red, Blue and Charcoal for £199 from

WIN a ROXI Electric Jukebox worth £199

Simply follow the instructions in the widget below and you could own a ROXI of your very own! Ends 11th December at 5pm

WIN a ROXI Electric Jukebox worth £199

Disclosure: Thank you so much to the lovely people at ROXI for sending us their Electric Jukebox in return for this honest review. Please note that all words and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog. They have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Verily Victoria Vocalises.

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