Baby Dove and their New Baby Care Products

Baby Dove and their New Baby Care Products

Dove has always been a popular brand and one I have felt I can trust when it comes to a skin care range. To me I think of mild, soft and gentle items such as their body wash, shower gel and body lotion. Grace and I have both suffered from eczema and their mild beauty bar is one of the only ones we can use. When I heard that they had come up with the Baby Dove product range, I was looking forward to being able to try it out on Rex (let alone the rest of the family!).

Before I continue, I must be honest and say that I had already been using the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture wipes before they approached me – so I knew the quality of at least one of the products from the outset.

Complete care for baby’s skin from Dove

Did you know that a baby’s skin is thinner than adults? I wasn’t aware of this until I heard from Baby Dove. As a result, it is more likely to lose moisture and become prone to dryness.

With this in mind, Dove have taken their 60 years worth of experience and built on this to ensure that their Baby Dove range replenishes the essential moisture and nutrients that a baby’s skin needs.

Here is the science bit! They have used mild DEFI technology to ensure that their products minimise both protein and lipid damage within the outermost layer of your baby’s skin, to help protect its natural barrier.

All their products have been dermatologically tested and paediatrically approved. This means that they are safe to use every day – even on a new-born’s skin.

The Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range

Ever since I suffered from eczema as a child, I have always opted for products which specialise in sensitive skin. Whilst Baby Dove has the Rich Moisture range, they have also provided an alternative with their Sensitive Moisture range. The items in this range are fragrance free which are perfect to take extra care of babies with sensitive skin. The likelihood is that Rex may well suffer with this just like his sister and I do. Because of this I wasn’t going to take any chances and decided to try the Sensitive Moisture Range.

The Head to Toe Baby Wash, Lotion and Wipes are all hypoallergenic so they are proven to minimise allergy risks and I’ve found it helps to ensure that they don’t sting your baby’s eyes.

Full information of the Baby Dove range is available on their website.

My thoughts

One of Rex’s favourite times of the day is bath time. We have started a routine for him where he goes for a bath at 6pm, then has wind-down time with dad reading him a story as I give him a feed.

The thing I was concerned with was Rex’s skin becoming dry. I never used to bath Grace every night because of the potential of dry skin but now, I don’t want to deprive Rex of his bath! Thankfully, the Baby Dove Head to Toe wash, coupled with the Lotion have it covered. His skin feels soft as, well, a baby’s bottom! On top of that, whenever he needs a clean-up from the start of our weaning journey – at either end – the wipes are an added extra.

It may sound silly, but there are a couple of attention-to-detail things which I have noticed. The Head to Toe wash comes in an easy one-handed pump dispenser. Very handy when you are dealing with a wet, squirming baby. As well as this, the wipes – unlike many other brands – don’t all follow each other out! It means that they don’t lose their moisture and the pack is easy to reseal.

All in all, I am suitably impressed with the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture range. I will certainly continue to use it – and not just on Rex!

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