A Review of The Rockit, A Clever New Baby Product

A Review of The Rockit, A Clever New Baby Product

Every so often a product comes along which shakes things up a bit. The Rockit is doing that in both the metaphorical and literal sense. I firmly believe it is here to stay. It’s such a simple idea but so very effective and I can safely say that the Rockit will definitely be a game-changer in the world of parenting. 

Rex is one of those babies who will not settle to sleep easily. He tends to fight it and isn’t great at self-soothing. Ross and I have regularly had to rock his pram or pushchair – and when you are out with family in a restaurant it means that at least one of us will have our food go cold. Not so with this fantastic little gadget.

Details behind the Rockit

The Rockit originally came to my attention last year. Vicki from The Free From Fairy mentioned that her cousin and his friends had invented a gadget which helped to rock your baby to sleep and was looking for testers. Obviously, at the time we weren’t in a position to help out but it stuck in the back of my mind. With Rex being so restless and needing attention, I wrote to Vicki who put me in touch with Nick who was happy to send me their new product. 

The Rockit attaches easily to prams, buggies & strollers. It’s soothing rocking motion helps to keep your baby sleeping leaving your hands free to do other things. Developed by Nick, Matt and Matt, three regular dads with seven children between them, the Rockit was a concept conjured up by Nick. His three-month-old daughter, Abby, would only sleep in the pushchair when it was moving and, just like Rex, would wake up as soon as it stopped.

Because of this, Nick decided to make a prototype rocker. It worked and the very next day Abby remained asleep even when the pushchair stopped moving. Two years later and with backing from the Design Council, the Rockit has become an award-winning baby essential.

The Rockit in its packaging

How it works

The Rockit is a rocket-shaped design which fits onto pushchairs, prams buggies and strollers using a universal bracket.

This bracket has notches which click into place on the strap. They secure and undo easily. To release, simply push in the button on the strap and it slides out easily.


The Rockit itself is the unit which causes the rocking motion. You switch it on by pressing the grey button on the top of the nose cone. It comes apart in the middle by undoing a screw (which won’t actually fall out when you undo it) and then sliding the Rockit around. There is another small compartment to unscrew and this takes 4 AA batteries. When measures, these lasted 60 hours being used vertically at the slowest speed. That’s an hour a day for 2 months.

It has a rocking cycle of 30 minutes, is showerproof and has a quiet motor with an adjustable speed. It isn’t a toy but has been tested to the toughest 0-36 month toy standards to ensure it is safe.

My Thoughts

Rex is not a good sleeper. He is an inquisitive baby and gets himself to the point of being over-tired and starts to cry. I first used the Rockit on his pushchair in the lounge. I put him down so that I could go and put some washing in, came back and found him fast asleep – that never happens! The next evening we went out to a pub with some friends and Rex stayed in his pushchair, asleep. Virtually unheard of at that stage. It meant I could chat to our friends and eat my dinner without worrying about him. I also used it at BritMums Live recently where, once again, it helped.

Since then, Rex has adjusted his sleeping pattern. He is still all over the place but I wouldn’t be without the Rockit. It gives me half an hour of hands-free peace where I can put some washing on and have a cuppa without a baby clinging to me.  Rex is a reflux baby which I believe is a contributing factor to his sleeping issues. I never expected a miracle cure but I certainly feel that the Rockit is a big help. Definitely a must-have in the competitive world of baby products.

The Rockit costs £39.99 and you can find a list of retailers here: https://rockitrocker.com/buy/. You cam also purchase extra brackets at £4.99 each (useful for leaving the brackets attached to other strollers). Find The Rockit on their website, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram,

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  1. October 19, 2017 / 2:42 pm

    A great review! I’m so glad it worked with little Rex. I’m very proud of my cousin!

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