5 Things That Make a Great Surprise Birthday Party

5 Things That Make a Great Surprise Birthday Party

Everyone like surprises. Especially on their birthday. Don’t they? Well, a big majority does.

For the ones who do, you want to make your planned “ambush birthday party” memorable beyond the initial “Wow!” and ensure it’s a truly and unquestionably unique event. That will take some thoughtfulness and creativity.

Here are 5 practical ideas that you can include in your upcoming surprise birthday party to make it a smashing success:

1. Get The Perfect Present

Your friend is a great animal lover who treats his/her pet as a family member? Look no further, the perfect present is right in front of you! Hire an online pet portrait artist who will transform a pet photo into a stunning oil painting or a professionally done pencil sketch. Anyone who loves his/her pet will be happy to have it as an art piece to hang on the bedroom wall.

You could also take a picture of the birthday boy/girl and his/her pet at the surprise party and quickly order a painting.

Or, perhaps, the party itself is for Fido or Fluffy? Why not turn that memory into the kind you can see. The emotional value of pet portraits is undisputed, so why not capitalise on that fact?

2. Make The Party Sweet 

No birthday bash is complete without sweet things to munch on and eat, aside from the cake and ice cream. Especially for kids’ parties, you need to include sweetie bags for the guests. Hand it to them as soon as they walk through the door and put a smile on their faces.

But to make your treats unique and gourmet, you’ll need to hunt around for just the right sweet supplier. Here’s an online site where you can get more info on some high-quality, slightly out of the ordinary sweets you and your guests are sure to love!

3. Confetti And Balloons!

If a surprise birthday party should be anything, it should be colourful. Imagine the birthday “surprisee” walk through the door only to be showered with an avalanche of balloons and a whirlwind of confetti. Now, that would be both colourful and surprising.

Match the cake and/or cupcakes with confetti-style sprinkles and marzipan balloons on top, and be sure the whole birthday zone is decked out with appropriate decor.

4. Something Homemade

You can order in the treats, the cake, the clown, and much of what you need to create the desired effect, but have one thing that’s homemade. For example, bake homemade pralines, cook that famed spaghetti recipe the celebrant’s mum or grandma used to make, or have all guests bring homemade birthday cards with photos and personal notes included.

It’s that homemade, hand-done, thoughtful touch that often makes the difference between a good party and a great one.

5. A Birthday Piñata

For kids’ parties, few things create as much excitement as a good birthday-themed piñata. There’s just something about whacking a paper mache animal with a stick while blindfolded and listening for the sound of falling sweets/prizes amid the roar of the cheering crowd.

It’s a little like rounders, a little like hockey, and a whole lot of fun. The idea may have started in Spanish culture, but you will quickly discover that it’s completely “transcultural.”

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