5 Things to Do (Without the Use of Technology) If Your Flight is Delayed

5 Things to Do (Without the Use of Technology) If Your Flight is Delayed

Have you ever experienced a situation where your flight is delayed? I have to admit that I have on a number of occasions. The most memorable one was when I was off on a weekend away and there was far too much fog at Heathrow which made it dangerous to fly. This meant that our flight was moved to the following day. Thankfully, at the time, I didn’t live too far away so we were able to go home. But what happens if you cannot get home? Aside from using your time to apply for the flight cancelled compensation help, here are 5 ways to amuse yourself without the use of technology.

Write your postcards in advance

I don’t know about you but I always go on holiday with the best intention of sending a postcard to the people back home. Why not cheat and start to write your postcards whilst you have time to?! Many of the airport shops have non-descriptive postcards which you can use – and you can always write and tell them about all the fun you had on your airport delay! You can then finish them off once you have reached your destination and post them there.

Play the Alphabet Game – with a difference

We love the alphabet game in our family but we are always coming up with difference subjects to play it with. We don’t just use the standard food or animals. We like to mix it up and use things like pop groups, music tracks, countries and films.

Learn the language

With the airport newsagent likely to stock language dictionaries, why not brush up on the local lingo? I am one of those people who like to visit a country with at least some of the language under my belt out of respect for the locals. This would give you every opportunity to learn some of the basic phrases before you go.

Get some exercise

If you are anything like me, then you would have dressed comfortably and be wearing trainers. If that is the case, then why not use the time for a few laps around the airport? It is a bAnd for extra exercise, take some of your luggage with you! 

Complete some word puzzles

We were spending a lot of time in hospital towards the end of my pregnancy so word puzzle books became a big thing in our family and we would complete them together – each of us taking turns to mull over the next one. There is a certain sense of satisfaction each time you finish one.

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