The Facts and Figures for School Lost Property

The Facts and Figures for School Lost Property

We are now firmly into the new school year. So, hands up whose kids have already mislaid something and had it land up in the school lost property box? Thankfully, so far, Grace hasn’t but this is her seventh school year start and it hasn’t always been that way.

A survey for Neatlynamed

Neatlynamed recently conducted a survey with 1000 mums. The result highlighted the staggering extent of lost items including how much parents spent replacing missing items as well as the time they used up looking for them. Mums spend a staggering total of £1,589 replacing items lost by their kids before the age of ten – and nearly two days in total looking for them.

Did you know?

• Hats, jumpers and cuddly toys among the most commonly lost items
• 62 per cent of possessions which go missing, such as coats, school uniform items and books, are NEVER found again.
• The fridge, the tumble and the roof of a car are among some of the strange locations lost items have later been discovered.
• School or nursery is the place children tend to lose things most often – followed by when playing inside at home.
• Around half of mothers said they have known their little ones to lose items within just 20 minutes of getting them for the first time.
• Four in ten mums admit they’ve had to replace the same item repeatedly.
• 47 per cent of kids have even lost items belonging to their mother.
• Just 16 per cent of mums believe their little ones really appreciate the value of their belongings.
• A third of mums admit their child doesn’t think about the possibility of losing things they own
• 55 per cent of mums admit kids find mislaying items traumatic.
• Six in ten mums said losing items as a child helps them to appreciate the value of things later in life.

Why the research was commissioned

Fiona Mills from Neatlynamed said: “We commissioned this research to show just how difficult it can be to keep track of children’s belongings. Mums might not realise how many items will go missing during their kid’s formative years so it’s really interesting to see the figures for this. As mums prepare for going back to school over the coming weeks these findings also make you wonder just where all the items lost disappear to.”

The Neatlynamed range

Neatlynamed provides a great range of self-adhesive stickers and name labels designed for children’s clothes and personal items. This includes its Peel ‘n Stick clothes labels, iron-on labels and shoe and sock labels as well as stickers for marking personal belongings. All labels can be personalised with a child’s name, choice of colour and an icon. They have even just introduced a great Disney range.

On top of all this they have items for the older generation including address labels, food labels and stamps for personal belongings such as phones and laptops. Great for all us grown ups without the benefit of school lost property! 


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  1. September 18, 2017 / 1:00 pm

    Love the look of that range – the thing that most frequently goes missing for us is the water bottle!

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