Four Amazing Types of Technology Kids May Take for Granted

Four Amazing Types of Technology Kids May Take for Granted

If you want to make your kids crack up, tell them about the types of technology you had “in your day.” From making calls on rotary phones with short cords and having to rent a VCR in a giant suitcase to watch movies, to having to look things up in encyclopedias instead of on smartphones, kids love to hear stories about the gadgets of yore.
With that in mind, there are currently a bunch of incredible types of technology that probably amaze your adult mind, but your kids simply accept as the new normal. Consider the following really cool tech features:

Netflix and Other “Shows on Demand” Programs

The days of highlighting the shows you want to watch in the TV Guide and arranging your schedule so you won’t miss them are over. Thanks to subscription services like Netflix, kids literally have hundreds of TV shows at their remote-control-holding-fingertips. Gone are the days when missing a fave TV show was a tragic event for a teen; kids today can watch what they want, when they want. And as Academy Success notes, Netflix is also commercial-free and available on any mobile or other media device on the planet, so they can watch their programs on their tablet, PS4, Blu-Ray Player and more.

Smartphones with all the Bells and Whistles

As a parent, you probably remember when cell phones were used to actually make calls. Today, the smartphones that you and your kids own are capable of doing so many cool things — like watching movies, taking photos and videos, doing research and playing games — calling Grandma is probably low on the list. You may be amazed by the wide selection of affordable smartphones and their unlimited data plans that completely remove your dependency on Wi-Fi networks. Your kids, on the other hand, will casually let you know which friend has which phone — and probably ask when they can upgrade to a new model. For them, fully-featured smartphones are the new normal.

Robot Vacuums

Another classic “in MY day” story that kids always enjoy involves the simple task of vacuuming. If you own a robot vacuum, like the ECOVACS DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaner from Amazon, your kids may assume that a round self-propelled gadget is how everyone cleans their floors. Remind them that when you were their age, cleaning the carpet meant dragging out a huge and heavy vacuum, plugging it in and pushing it around on the rugs and floors and then taking the full bag of dirt and pet hair to the rubbish bin.

Driverless Cars

Driverless or autonomous cars may seem like some futuristic way to get around, but they are currently being tested in cities across the nation. Las Vegas, Boston and Chandler, AZ are all testing grounds for autonomous cars and/or buses. While you may find it hard to wrap your head around the idea of a car that does not need a driver to go from Point A to Point B, your kids may have a more blasé attitude about it, especially if they have seen them either in news stories or in the next lane. As incredible as this seems, these autonomous cars may take your kids to high school one day and when your children are adults, they may purchase vehicles that don’t have a steering wheel.

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